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  1. Car Suspension

    Sometime we hard to believe when we havent use it, i start refill next week to see is that really good or not. May be is a good chance for me to learn new things
  2. Car Suspension

    Then you must be very lucky because your friend let you refill the new petrol insteadask you to buy his product, then you must be save a lot from it.
  3. Car Suspension

    Is that you run too fast at the uneven road, that why make you feel uncomfortable. For your safety, please drive slower when the road condition is not that good.
  4. Upcoming Birthday Party

    I’ve found what I’ve been looking for through carousell. I felt very excited when the first time i’musing carousell.Never thought of that.
  5. Upcoming Birthday Party

    @happybunny, can i know how did u manage to get people do deco event through carousell? Cause i never knew people put up their ads services there.
  6. Upcoming Birthday Party

    There wouldnt be a problem if just looking for items but i’m also looking for people to help me with the deco. hurmmm
  7. Upcoming Birthday Party

    This is my first time on planning and executes an event. I’m not sure how much budget for the event but if possible not more than rm500.
  8. Upcoming Birthday Party

    I still in confinement. That's why I want to hire someone for this party.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone who provide rental services for birthday party stuff. I want rent a range of classy props for the dessert table setting including cake stands and three-tier stands. Plus the person in charge that can decorate the hall too. Where can I get the contact?
  10. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    i also know this website since my friend as did mentioned it to me. Thank you for sharing as i can explain more to my sisyer regarding the available services that she needed.
  11. Hi mommies, do you know any confinement services for post delivery as my sister is looking for confinement lady to take care after she deliver her baby. Noted that she want the confinement lady that have experiences and skillful to handle her and baby as well.
  12. Hating my sensitivity

    Maybe you're hyper-sensitive, and it cause you hurt. Try to read some novel and watch some movies, you will know the humanity better.:)
  13. Need help here

    me too! i'm using first platinum and their plan never let me down... the coverage at my place also easy to get 4G connection... i already recommend to all my friends and they said celcom plan are quite impressive and cheap... and i still dont understandt why people always said that celcom is expensive telco... for me, celcom plan got a reasonable price... its worth it!
  14. Need help here

    maybe u are not aware to celcom first gold plan because celcom offer 3 different plan with a cheapest price. like me, i'm using celcom first platinum i got unlimited calls & sms to all network, unlimited social apps and the best thing is i got unlimited access to itflix for 12 month! i just pay only RM 150 excluding GST..
  15. Is the any education exhibition?

    hi nurulazzin, i understand why u will be so worry as we are both moms. dont need to worry so much first, u can attend a seminar which will be held in Hall 4 KLCC from 8th to 9th Nov, maybe this can help u to clear ur doubt or any other ques. in that seminar, they will talk bout how to choose a suitable pre-U program, how to make an outstanding application and so on.... no harm la if u attend right? for more info u can check here ya : http://www.educationuk.org/malaysia/articles/education-uk-malaysia-exhibition-2014/