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  1. Hair loss

    Rm309 now on the website, promotion ongoing. I dont think u need other hair tools when u get this coz i saw this the saloon also use. Plus have scalp, skin , hot or code air mode.
  2. Hair loss

    My scalp is very sensitive should work on normal scalp too lah. I think its work because of the nanoe to keep the hair moisturised while drying. The double mineral to protect hair from UV.
  3. how to fight ‘maskne’???

    Again as I saidrmb to check about their quality, does it complied to what is required to protect us from the virus if want to look nice try empro...they got different colour so can fashio bit wear diff colour
  4. how to fight ‘maskne’???

    Facemask which have tested with ASTM will have categorized as Type I, TYPE II and Type III Type II and Type III will provide you the best protections,BFE > 98% So basically look for BFE & PFE >98% or Type II & III
  5. Hair loss

    If didnt mind to spend more, get the panasonic na98. So far this is the only hairdryer that i use that doesnt iritate my scalp.
  6. Hair loss

    hair mask can use but need longer time to see the effect, because natural things take time to show effect
  7. how to fight ‘maskne’???

    Some yes and some no, so need to be careful when buying Check carefully, protect yourself and everyone
  8. Hair loss

    do you have the habit of using hair dryer after washing your hair or let your hair naturally wind-blow dry?
  9. how to fight ‘maskne’???

    When come to facemask quality (safety), it is important to know about their BFE and PFE value Basically, only masks with >95% measured by BPE & PEF considered as "medical" masks (Safe your from covid-19). BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency): BFE measures how well the medical face mask filters out bacteria. PFE (Particulate Filtration Efficiency):PFE measures how well a hospital mask filters sub-micron particles with the expectation that viruses will be filtered in a similar manner. (The size of the covid-19 is approximately 0.125 microns). Make sure to check this 2 values before buying any
  10. how to fight ‘maskne’???

    Yes agree. As when we talk the mask is also rubbing our face so it is important to use mask that made with material that will not cause skin allergic. Also do take note about their BFE & PFE value for safety purpose
  11. Hair loss

    slightness hair fall during pregnancy is normal things as hormonal changes, but if condition getting worse, is better to consult doctor
  12. Women Bikers

    omg i need this. now tell me what brand it is?
  13. Women Bikers

    will do soonbcos gonna ride home this Christmas. jb to kuantan will be long ride.
  14. Women Bikers

    the engine gets overheated very frequently after running few kilometers. dont know y..so not suitable for long ride .later mati tengah jalan.
  15. Women Bikers

    wanna join too but the saddest thing is my bike cant go for a long ride.