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  1. Mummy List

    1st daughter born on 17 Dec 2003 2nd daughter born on 27 Sept 2005
  2. What you cannot do during confinement?

    during my confinement time, i still watching TV, read books/newspaper, doing some paper work for my hubby, suft net and check email.. hhaaa...... but make sure u have to take rest and not doing this kind of thing for long hours.. I will lie down to read books and newspaper anyway.. otherwise our back bone will feel painful after 1 mth... I will still bath everyday with boiling with chinese herbs, of course will not wash my hair everyday.. will wash it 2 weeks once.. this already make me feel uneasy.. i don't know how they can last for 1 mth only wash their hair...
  3. FTWM Club

    Hi all, I'm been FTWM for few years till now.. my youngest baby in 1 yr old and i'm expecting now too... Feel tiring but no choice have to become FTWM as well. The most tiring period is breastfeeding time. Need to spare extra time to pump milk also..
  4. Hi All Mummy Or Mummy to Be

    Hi Erica Thanks for your recommendations. I also have this 2 gynea name under my consideration list. But just because their locations a bit far from my place.... Any good gynea is Damansara Specialist Hospital and do you hear Dr Roopi before, she is in Roopi Mecdical Centre, my mother in law recommend me go there for check up....So now I am still not made the dicission yet..... Hi Happyee, I'm not that familiar at Damasara area. Sooooo sorry that can't give u any comment.
  5. Hi All Mummy Or Mummy to Be

    Hi Erica I am staying in Gombak area, any good gynea in KL or PJ area to recommend ? Thanks ! Hi Happyee, sorry 4 late reply. You may try to look for Dr. Tang at SJMC or Tmn Desa Medical Center. She is based at SJMC more often and she has a partner which is Dr. Loo. Both of them are ladies and they very friendly and nice Dr. Dr. Loo is mainly based at TDMC. If u feel this 2 area is not suitable 4 u. Pls let me know... Which area that u prefer to looks for?
  6. Hi All Mummy Or Mummy to Be

    erm... where u stay happyee? then maybe can recommend some gynea to u.
  7. Hello

    but all are gals... feel sad..
  8. Hi All Mummy Or Mummy to Be

    hi happyee, i'm currently in 22nd week pregnancy and this is my 4th babies...
  9. Hello

    hahah... anyway, this is the last pregnancy...
  10. Hello

    Hi, I'm new here too.. i'll be reaching 22nd weeks pregnancy on next week.. this is the 4th pregnancy anyway... nice to meet u all here...