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  1. there are a lot of good reviews about panasonic washer and it's affordable to with 2 functions for a single washer. so it's very worthy to get them
  2. but i heard panasonic have new washing machine and it's very suitable especially for baby clothes meaning that it will clean your clothes thoroughly
  3. that's true. somtimes the inner tub may got problems too its either theres any balance of bleach or the chemical in the soap you use
  4. it's sometimes depends on the fabric itself or your washing machine might have problems
  5. Sanitize car before using it

    ohh, awak tinggal dekat sarawak... rasanya list location pon dah banyak dah kt sarawak.. and also dgr soon apps tu akan available dekat byk tempat lagi, kena follow news mereka
  6. Sanitize car before using it

    why u cannot use? available for all malaysian right??
  7. Sanitize car before using it

    ya, sure.. also using boost and setel for paying now
  8. Sanitize car before using it

    now just ask my son going out buy things and pump the oil, i'm not going out..
  9. sure they will alert after accident happen, Zzzz got many ways to avoid it, need to see u want to or dun want
  10. 7 – ELEVEN brand ANDA AEON BIG TF Value Mart The Store Econsave Pasaraya Song Starfresh Water Funs Suka Hati Rofina Still Malee water manufacturer that has been banned in Singapore is not only a Malaysia brand but they have brands carrying their water being sold here in Malaysia too!!!
  11. I have a autistic kid

    I guess its time to look into this website seriously. We might need it in the future.
  12. I have a autistic kid

    Have you tried this service? I'm just worried the childwont get along with the caregiver
  13. I have a autistic kid

    That's what happened to my nephew.. There are some of the therapist that he hates going and you can't really choose who going to attend to him.
  14. I like Apam Balik the most. There are two version of apam balik-- thin and thick, I prefer the thin one haha. Crispy is the best!
  15. Gosh.. i m typical shopaholic..I will usually go PADINI CONCEPT STORE... lot of varieties to pick...and price is reasonable....I really can shop until pant drop...hahah...but i do enjoy...pity my wallet!