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  1. Car Suspension

    it seem this petrol not only can help us save the repairing cost, it can fix the vehicle in many way. I also saw many good comment about this petrol can go for longer mileage.
  2. Beauty Product Victim

    Its an online platform that you can use to sell things, whether it is brand new or used, there are a lot people browsing it daily so usually it is quick fast for people to notice the things that you are selling and might even ask for further enquiries if they are interested.
  3. I have a autistic kid

    I would suggest TT to look for caretakers from Caregiverasia to look after your kid and not just anyhow seek out for caretakers outside without any valid qualifications in the respective field, if anything happens afterwards it could be bad for your child and just gonna make things more difficult to handle.
  4. I have a autistic kid

    Yeah I also agree with this statement. Their price is definitely affordable and not expensive as what some people might claimed to be since it is a private organisation. Their schedule is very flexible depending on your needs and the payment would be charged accordingly without any additional agent fees being imposed.
  5. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Well I guess because normal babysitters only got experiences dealing with normal kids, and since special children they need different kind of treatment and attention so probably not suitable for them.
  6. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Whenever I am asked to care of the kids of my relatives, I will just bring along a cheap tablet installed with all sort of minigames like Angry Bird, Plant vs Zombies and such, just throw it to them and they will be fine for the next few hours hahaha.
  7. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Wow never knew that they have such a feature provided for the users. I guess it could be a very good platform that any caretakers or nannies should apply for, it is better to be backup by a big company than being just a normal freelancer.
  8. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Chill man, I know most of us would understand how you feel. At least the caretaker would only be around when you are at work so you still can have time with your mother after work, it is really not as bad as compared to send her to the old folks home directly.
  9. last week my friend who have diabetes feeling leg numbness and tingling feeling recently, and he went to see doctor for check up. Doctor advice him to reduce the high sugar food intake and to take a supplement called Livewell Mecomin I was wondering why Diabetes patient have the higher chance of have nerve damage?
  10. Is that true that can waive?

    This is true. Bank cannot waive for this RM50 tax but Bank negara i think still can use others alternative method to solve one. From what I know,currently Citibank Platinum Reward Card give a all their customer 20,000 free welcome points . And they can use this point to pay the tax. This really impressed me. Just see here if you are not understand
  11. Yes all from same card...this is absolutely right my wife redeem alot prizes already...somemore she said this card got benefit like protection for retail purchase. Thats mean if the thing you bought lost or damage in 30 days, they will pay back for you....i m shock when my wife told me this..they going to lost money for us?? Just log on to this to know more about this card!
  12. My wife was same like you...can be even worst than you..spend money like water...but she used Citibank credit card for her shopping and she always get a lot of redeem prizes...some prizes is really useful i must say. She told me she can get 5 times reward points..thats a lot better compare to paid by cash get nothing in the end..