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  1. again as i said if the mask is complied to the quality (can safe you from the virus) then it is good to go, dont just go for cheap and ignore the risk, and most important it is not only risking you own life also person near you, your family
  2. As said above, check their quality (safety), did they complied to the requirement and get from trustable source (pharmacy) If you really have no confidence on the fabric mask, then just continue with surgical mask because it is more complied to the safety guidelines.Maybe you can check Medicos brand. That one also 3PLY and from local brand,so no doubt on all material used.
  3. Petronas contest

    I joined the one on the instagram weekly challenges. Wasnt aware about that they are giving out Yamaha.
  4. I am using Vicras Medic fabric mask too, can be wash up to 30 times so kind of worth in long run but do get a box of surgical mask as fabric mask is kind of personal even thought it can be wash
  5. Where to eat?

    Really ma? Hahahaha... Maybe not always la. You just very badluck one lor.
  6. Where to eat?

    Btw ts here some more recommendation by my friends: 5) Xin Chao Vietnam (Sentul) 6) An Viet (The Garden)
  7. Where to eat?

    Really ma? Well it safe to say that its multicultured friendly restaurant then. If not halal then for what do ramadhan promotion.. =_=
  8. Where to eat?

    Haha.. Then should be la. If not skeptical just eat la right?
  9. Where to eat?

    Does pork free means it is halal then?
  10. Where to eat?

    I think you meant 'bahn mi'. It kind of vietnames style sandwich. Maybe i will ordered some of that if i got phostreet. Thank for recommendation.
  11. Where to eat?

    Fair enough. Maybe i will someday. What you ordered that day which very tasteful??
  12. Where to eat?

    So-so la. These only few restaurant that i know served vietnamese dishes.
  13. Where to eat?

    Some that i would recommend: 1) Pho Vietz (Bukit Bintang) 2) Super Saigon (Ampang) 3) Quan An (Pudu) 4) Lalot (Bukit Bintang)

    yuppp, they just get the news by their parents or their old one, if they vomit and discomfortable, sure will mc many days

    u drink tat mineral water, vomit anddiarrhea until 3 to 4 days ah? so serious?