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  1. Leg swollen during pregnancy..anyone?

    My leg started to swell when I as in my 7th month. From size 4 shoe, I needed to wear size 7 shoes by my 8th month. It also got numb very easily. Tried soaking it in warm water but it only gave me a small relieve. Its water retention mostly. Drink more water to flush it out and take less salt if possible. The swelling only subsided on my 2nd week afer delivery. Now I am a size 5. Hope to get back to size 4 before I start work in August.
  2. What to avoid?

    aishiteru / babyblue, well yes, I did take a small cup of cold water once in a while. perhaps 1-2 cups per week but i definately avoided it during the 1st trimester. the 1st trimester is always the most dangerouse period cos you might miscarriage.. yes, although i dont believe ALL of the pantangs for new mother, i still observe it.
  3. What to avoid?

    i believe to the gyneas, there are no such think as cooling stuff. its just a matter of chinese believe and old people's saying. You may not think it is true and will have no impact to the baby but just follow it anyway to be on the safe side. also, so that they dont nag you. LOL
  4. What to avoid?

    Well, since this was my 1st pregnancy, I am just going to play it save. Yeah, we dont consume the whole pineapple but I am not taking my chances. Like I said, better be save than to be sorry. As for the iron, just take one table each per day. Depending on your dosage, take 1-2 tablets per day for the fish oil. I try not to miss my dosage as I can be forgetful sometimes. My gynae said that is good enough
  5. WHO and UNICEF recommendation on infant feeding

    Definately. I just had epidural C section about 2 weeks ago. Now breastfeeding my princess. No much of a problem to breastfeed. Only that I dont have enough supply.. sigh
  6. Baby Clothing

    I usually shop when there is a sale. Usually at Jusco Sunway Piramid. My parents shop in Sunshine Farlim (Penang) as there is always bargains for baby stuff. I dont frequent boutique baby shops as I find most prices are overly expensive.
  7. What to avoid?

    Even though I dont really believe in the 'cool food', I still follow it anyway. Better be safe than to be sorry. So, I avoided banana, watermelon, pineapple, cold drinks, raw food (Oh, how I miss my sushi) during my 1st trimester. Anyway, cant eat much too due to morning sickness. My gynae recommends to take lots of iron and fish liver oil if possible.
  8. Post confinement

    Sum Sum, Do share with us your experience.
  9. How to handle stress?

    Below are my ways of handling stress (steps which I take in no particular order and may do simultaneously): 1. Take deep breaths 2. Imagine yourself as a 3rd person to the current situation. Then think of ways to improve the situation 3. Walk away and come back in 10 minutes 4. Listen to soothing musics 5. Look at greens (trees/flowers) 6. Read some jokes from the internet 7. Play online games 8. Watch a comedy 9. Go for spa/mani/pedi/facial/hair treatment 10. Sleep (I sometimes get tension headache. So, take panadol and try to sleep it off) Hope this helps.
  10. How to improve milk supply

    I had trouble with milk supply too. I was so afraid that my baby was undernourished that I feed her 1 oz of milk formulae every 6 hours. Other times, I breast feed. My in-laws got me Metolon which also helped in milk production. My gynae said that the medicine is safe and will help in producing more milk. However, please get professional advise before taking Metolon. Yes, green papaya boiled with chinese herbs to make soup helped too. And let the baby suckle on your breast even if you dont have milk. Now, I dont have an overflowing supply of breast milk yet but it has increased from one week ago since I started on the medicine and the soup. Good luck to all mothers who have problems with the milk supply. Jia You!!
  11. I just had a C section about 2 weeks ago. How long should I wait until I can start exercising again? What kind of exercise is good for the tummy/abdominal area?
  12. Stretchmark cream/lotion that you are using

    I am using Palmers Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks. The stretch marks appeared since my 2nd trimester and I applied it almost everyday. After a few days, the marks disappeared. Works just fine for me.
  13. FTWM Club

    Just delivered my princess on 3 June. Need to report back to work by early August. I have not gotten a babysitter yet and I work full time. Not sure how I am going to cope but I am thankful that my boss is very understanding. He allowed me to come in late during my early pregnancy due to morning sickness.
  14. Noobs

    Hello everyone! So happy to find a parenting/motherhood forum based in Malaysia to share experience with.