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  1. Share some useful info for mothers about brain growth of baby.. would like to recommend to mothers here: the visual demonstrations helps guide me in the daily activities with my baby, not bad..
  2. I found some very useful info for mothers regarding brain growth of baby in the first three month and would like to recommend to mothers here read about it: I played with all the visual demonstrations which guide me the daily activities with my baby. Maybe later I should play this with my baby together haha..
  3. Baby Food

    I think the most important thing is your baby like the taste of the milk and won't poo or vomit after drinking it. You can have a look for this site I read recently brainseries to know which nutrients are good for baby so that you can make sure your baby absorb it. if you want to buy any milk, the price at grocery store normally will be cheaper compared to supermarket. And I think it's ok to store the milk for 2 months as I used to do that also. But as your baby is still within 6 months old, it's better for you to breastfeed him as what mentioned by drfadzidah here breastmilk is the best food for baby.
  4. How to handle stress?

    Haha I have a very weird solution to handle stress -- eat! So I have a tendency to become fat when I'm stressed. That's why I always have the worry when I face stress. I really wish I could control my appetite when I'm stressed one day in future..(hopeless..)
  5. What nutrient is most important for baby?

    I've read on a pregnant mother magazine that the quality of breastmilk depends on the mother's diet. So mother must have a well balanced diet that rich in all the essential nutrients so that they could have breastmilk with right nutrients for their baby. I jotted down the most important nutrients for mothers to produce good breastmilk: protein, carbohydrate, good fats i.e. DHA, calcium, zinc and iron. So i think these would be the most important nutrients for baby. And recently I heard from many tv ads talking about DHA and AA and i wonder why is it so important? until last week my sister found this and show me then i just get to understand what actually these nutrients are for. i think you could have a look on it too, quite useful for mothers to know more about nutrient for baby. I read from one article in the Star also, saying that mothers must keep breastfeed their baby for the fisrt six months adn for those above six months, mothers can buy nutritious food such as grains, eggs, fuits, and vegetables for them. So i think you can add this for your child later also.. Wish these info will help you and reduce you concern too
  6. How to improve milk supply

    One of my pregnant friend also recommends to me green papaya soup. She said the effect is satisfactory.. So mama can try it on, wish it works to you too..
  7. WHO and UNICEF recommendation on infant feeding

    ya breastmilk contains those important ingredients like vitamin D, DHA, AHA, etc so that's why we are encouraged to breastfeed. But as a mother we also need to take care of our food because it will affect the quality of our breastmilk. This is what i read from magazine.. Food like tuna and salmon, nuts and seeds, milk, yogurt, and soy products will help to produce better breastmilk for our babies. So take good care of what we eat also
  8. Stretchmark cream/lotion that you are using

    May I know how much is the Palmers Cocoa Butter? I'm thinking whether to use stretchmark cream or go for a centre to reduce stretchmarks..
  9. Spare the rod, play with the child

    I can't stand with parents who shout at their kids in public domain like supermarket and food stalls. Sometimes kids just don't know how to express themselves and thus behave and respond an inappropriate way. We need to be patient to them and don't easily get annoyed and scold or cane them. I really agree that we should respect our kids and I think as a parent, we also need to treat our parents with respect as well because our kids will definitely learn from our behavior. When we set ourselves a good role model, respect and be polite to our parents, our kids will learn the good thing also.
  10. What's in a name?

    I think to a certain level yes. that's why many chinese will ask the si fu to give a name for their kids for better fortune for their kids. i think it does affect a child attitude and his/her fortune. but i would say attitude of a person is most influenced by education. so i think education to children is most important to build their good attitude.
  11. How to improve milk supply

    I had difficulty in breastfeeding. the milk could not come out and it's clogged up. after a while my breast become swollen and it's extremely pain. My doctor gave me some pil to reduce the swelling and i need to pump out those breastmilk to release the swelling. It's a nightmare for me. I still can feel the pain though i've recovered from that. so mothers, appreciate if you have enough milk supply..
  12. Maternity Clothes

    ya maybe i like to wear loose shirts.. and i wear my mum's pants with those loose tops during my pregnancy. My mum did help me save a lot here as she is quite plump so that i could wear her pants
  13. Maternity Clothes

    Hello.. I'm also new here, would like to share my experience with moms here During my pregnancy, I used to wear all those fashionable clothes instead of buying maternity clothes. How could this be? As what I found, there are more and more clothes desinged in a way that is loose enough to cover up lady's tummy and thus I bought and wore them instead of maternity clothes. Guess what? Many of my friends were not aware that im pregnant! And i'm still wearing those clothes today as my casual dress and they are still gorgeous! so---smart mother, don't waste your money on maternity clothes!