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  1. Anyone doing IVF?

    Today is the 7th day of my Suprefact injection. I am starting to have phobia with injecting myself. The first few days were ok but its getting harder day by day Just this morning, I sat there holding the syringe and has no courage to pop the needle into my tummy.. i gave up and walk around the house a while, then sat down and continue... finally took a deep deep breath and pop it in... my hand trembling too... My hubby is oversea - which makes me extra down.. nobody to help me.. sigh ~~~~ help me pls ~~
  2. Best Doctors for IVF

    My friend will be doing her ICSI in SJMC... it only cost RM 8800... is it true? Anyone has any experience there?
  3. Anyone doing IVF?

    Your posts are so inspirational and informative. Thanks for sharing ! I will be starting ICSI too this coming Friday and I had my first nightmare last night on the self injection. Must tell myself to be brave brave brave !
  4. Endometriosis

    Anyone here had or having endometriosis? Can you share your story here so that we can help each other and let more people understand about endometriosis? I'll share my story first: How it started: I had severe abdominal pain during my menses. I would usually take 1 pain killer on the first day of my period and the pain will go away. Slowly, the pain continue until second day of my period till the whole cycle of my period. I need to take pain killer very often, sometimes everyday during my period. By now, I've already visited quite a lot of doctor and they confirmed seeing cyst in both my ovaries. They suggest that I TTC right away and I was prescribed Clomid. I took it for 2 cycles and failed. And then, slowly, the pain started days before my period... and slowly it develop until I needed to take pain killer every 4 hrs everyday as the pain will be with me 24/7. By this time, I was unable to stand the pain anymore as my endo has develop until stage 4. I went for laparotomy in 2011. After surgery, I still get very painful period and I still feel pain just like before the surgery. I took Lucrin injection for 9 mths. I went to another Dr and he confirmed I have recurrent endometriosis. I went for 2nd laparotomy in 2012 and 2 months of Zoladex. Now, 2013, ultrasound scan shows that I am having another recurrent endometriosis. What I have learned: 1. Never ever take chinese medication like Dong Quai or Pak Zhen. 2. I read from a blog that taking EPO is good for endometriosis. I religiously and stupidly took 1000mg of EPO everyday for 2 weeks and during my most recent scan, Dr. saw cyst starting to form. I just did my scan 2 weeks ago and it was very nice. Just 2 weeks later when I go for another scan, there are cyst growing inside already ! I told Dr that I've just started on EPO. He said never ever take EPO !! Ladies with endo, please stop your EPO immediately. Can only think of this right now.. I'll add in later.
  5. Best Doctors for IVF

    I am with Sunfert. However, I am not taking their package price as my case is special... I need more medication, so the package price does not applies to my. Dr Wong told me the estimated total price will be about RM 16K. In my opinion, since we have already vomit out so much money.. a few thousand ringgit of difference is not much. Its better to choose one that you feel comfortable with rather one that has the lowest price.
  6. Anyone doing IVF?

    I am endo sufferer too.... more serious than you I think. Done 2 major surgery to remove all the cyst. First surgery in 2011. Second surgery 2012. Both laparotomy as a lap is not sufficient... see how serious is my case... I am suppose to start IUI this month but my latest scan shows the damn endo came back with accumulated size of 4cm on my left ovary. Doctor suggest I should do ICSI instead. So, I am start ICSI on 12th April. The consolation is that my tube is ok... I needed more medication comparing to the rest of the patient undergoing IVF. Cost also higher... sigh ~ I am eating and trying to stay very healthy for my coming journey..