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  1. I will be travelling to Sydney in May with my 23 month old toddler and would appreciate some tips from other mothers who have been in similar travelling situation as I am. The flight to Sydney by MAS is 7hr and 30 minutes. Question: Do you think I should book a day flight or a red eye flight? My son has trouble falling asleep at night and requires constant patting. In relation to red eye flights - I\'m just worried about the lights been switched in the cabins in the early morning as soon as our flight is just about over Western Australia and entering NSW. This would surely interrupt his sleep and increase his crankiness plus the fact that we can\'t check into the hotel once we arrived as check-in times are usually 2pm. But if it is a day flight, I\'m just worried that he won\'t sit still and run around the cabins. Question: - What about a lay over? Would that help? I\'m also considering whether I should fly from KL into Changi and then board the SIA new Airbus 380 flight to Sydney. Also would a toddler be more confortable on a flight on a bigger plane? Question: What about earaches? Any thing which will help to alleviate this? Sydney AM thinking of bringing him to Sydney Acquarium, Maritime Museum, Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour, Power House Museum... Any other child friendly places that one can recommend for Sydney? Question: What about schedulling nap times during an overseas vacation? Appreciate any helpful tips from parents who enjoy globetrotting and are seasoned travellers.