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  1. Maternity Clothes

    december, when is ur EDD?
  2. Feel sad & unhappy!!!

    oh... where the problem comes from ar?! really dont understand... this will make you more miserable isnt?
  3. Feel sad & unhappy!!!

    ethanize, I can imagine how u feel inside... one minute you are filled with JOY n happiness and the other minute everything taken away from you ... but the tester is somehow 99% accurate. did the gynae mention about why your test all shown +ve and you are not pregnant?
  4. Maternity Clothes happened to me before too...scary... everything seems moving.... my advice ... don't go shopping during sales unless someone is accompanying you.
  5. Hospital Bag Checklist

    Anytime when you are in ur final tri - harm packing earlier....
  6. Maternity Clothes

    december, i wore my hb's short! hahaahah.... ya those elastic band can be quite i wear it super low lo...below the belly.... and also can find some short with string. can expand very big ... can also wear it after u give birth... during my trip to bangkok manage to get one of the pants... very cheap rm9.90 onli.... no elastic band ... adjustable with string one.... very comfy....
  7. Baby Clothing

    Where do you shop for baby clothes? As nowdays baby clothing is getting more n more expensive. We have to be smart mummy (*Consumer) where to look for good bargain for good product ma. What do you all think of those shops selling branded baby clothing but with the tag being cut off?