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    Just want to share a story of a person here to find the truth wheither she is depressed or not? Kindly look into: She will update her story from day to day.. Do guide her and tell her what she should do... Is she depressed????
  2. Hi, My baby do have flakes on his scalp when he was just born.. I use Johnson Oil & Olive Oil to apply on it... After about 4 days, then the flakes dissapear... Hehe... Just a my 2 cents... if you would like to try.
  3. Maternity Clothes

    Hihi.. I am new to Malaysia motherhood forum here.. Usually I will visit Singapore Motherhood more often as realise that their web is more attracting and more mummies that liase in the forum... So hard breaking seeing Malaysian Mummy not interested to share their things... Hehe.. Just to add that I agree vivacious... I never maternity clothes also... I only wear babydoll tops and it is more fashionable and you know what it is much cheaper as well.... Just to check if any mummy know where to get nice and budgeted clothes for baby.... I am first time mummy and my son is 8 months old currently.