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  1. Ovulation Day?

    cutiebibi, ermm sorry i also dunno how to advise u on this... but having period now is like very fast leer.. meaning that u have a luteal phase defect... coz shorter luteal phase... if prevent pregnancy... this is because the fertilised egg not yet implanted and ur body start to generate hormones to induce period... if this happened frequently u have to do check up...
  2. HSG Test

    seashello, good luck in ur test..
  3. Brown Spotting

    cay0714, faster see doc... dont wait..
  4. Ovulation Day?

    cutiebibi, how long u have been ttc?
  5. Ovulation Day?

    get those with romantic story line lor... i know if too much of it... very geli... hehehehe
  6. Ovulation Day?

    cutiebibi, try to watch some XXX movie or read some juicy book la... for me it helps!! u know so often become not feeling liao..
  7. but there is a real life case... which someone i know... she had her 1st daugther then after 5yrs still cannot get... she thought the problems with her.. she try all kinds of things... and then when do sperm check.. the hb sperm is extremely low count. she was shocked to find out that.. meaning to pregnant with her daugther is like striking a lottery.. then she go for IUI and manage to get pregnant. Due in April.
  8. Ovulation Day?

    cutiebibi, wat u said is correct that's why there are few things to monitor... together to gauge it... but sometimes worry this will add more stress to u.. about checking the discharge.. i myself also not sure la... heheh last time i try to check.. until my private part also sore...
  9. Dear all mommies, I'm planning to fully breastfeed my baby but I'm kinda worried as you all know, chinese confinement a lots of things to eat and must eat especially those herbs. I'm not sure does this will bring harm to bb. For Liquor I manage to ask my mom to reduce it. But now my mom ask me to take the Sou hap yuen and also pak foong yuen daily for 20days i think. Is it ok to take it? sigh..
  10. Ovulation Day?

    cutiebibi, i hope i dint confused u anyway good luck in trying... i used to do my charting.. but u have to subscribe it i think it cost me less than Rm 50 for 3 months trial.. i quite like it... coz they do analysis for you base on ur input... meanwhile u can try to check ur vaginal discharge... if u noted there is some slippery egg white type meaning it's good time to bedding...
  11. Ovulation Day?

    from my understanding... once u got a positive result on the test.. meaning u are going to ovulate anytime soon... and can start bedding... but then to gauge the day.. it not easy.. u might need to do several test.... so it's the best to do with charting.. after few times u will see there is a pattern.. eg for myself, during period, my body temp going low.. and then after ovulation my body temp went up high.. and keep on high then when my body temp went low then i know my period will come soon.. if u got pregnant that month the temp will remain.. but temp charting can only tell u that when ur ovulation is already over... so from there Ovulation kits is helpful..
  12. vee, the best is to do check up imediately.. maybe the situation is not as bad... dont wait anymore...
  13. How early?

    wow!! congrats!! actually i trully understand ur feeling .... part of u saying it's too early to share the good news... and part of u so happy that you wanted to tell the whole world about it... i'm really happy for you.. since i know u been ttc for quite some time liao.. have a healthy and happy nine months
  14. How early?

    cay0714, i checked with my friend who is preggy now also.. and she said she experience such cramps also she thought she not pregnant and period is on the way.. when she test, she couldnt believe that she is pregnant..
  15. How early?

    hi cay0714 u preggy already?? i cant remember about the cramps, but when i first miss my period.. 1 very obvious sign is that i have white discharge.. which is very unusual for me.. then during 5-6 weeks.. my morning sickness already kicks in... so