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  1. Upcoming Birthday Party

    erkkkk.. But not for me cause i’m prefer others apps besides carousell.
  2. I have a autistic kid

    The service is also top notch. Plus they're doing a promotion until end of this month where you get free one hour for every 5 hours. So any one of you guys looking for caregivers can try look on their website : https://www.facebook.com/MalaysiaCGA/photos/a.1089010514512112/2018368474909640/?type=3&theater
  3. I have a autistic kid

    I think the best feature of this website is that you can actually see who the caregiver is along with their personal/educational bg. That way, you can easily trust the service that they offer. 2nd best feature is that the rate is perhour and you can do everything online
  4. I have a autistic kid

    TS can try to look at https://www.caregiverasia.com/?locale=en-MY Not sure if the service you're looking for is there, can try browse first cuz i've used their confinement lady service before. They have a wide variety of service
  5. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    yaya, carousell is a great platform for selling ur used items. U just need to take few simple steps for selling items. Take a nice photo of ur item, post it at Carousell, write product description, wait the buyer to place order.
  6. Homecare for the slow learner?

    This is actually what i was looking for, most of them either have educational background or experienced or both which is more than I expected than a door-2-door service especially in malaysia
  7. Homecare for the slow learner?

    True, based on what i saw on the site, I guess it's crucial to know who are you hiring to take care of your love ones. Thanks to the "personal-details" tab. Its really convenient
  8. Homecare for the slow learner?

    But its not that easy you know, you know how kids are like super active and they can't sit down and focus doing that thing for like 5 minutes. If she's not depressed then I'm the one depressed. It's either me or her. Caregiver asia? Never heard of it before. Is it good? reliable?
  9. I have a slow learner cousin. She is 8yo. I was told by my aunt to take care of her last week for a few days (Only about 8 hours per day). I thought it is simple. Basically just keep an eye on her. That all. However, I face difficulty to get along with her for that 8 hours. I really don't know what I had done to her.. she ends up even more depressed with me. Just wondering does there has any professional caregiver can go house to house to take care of her?
  10. Which fashion store will be your first choice? Padini, Topshop , TopMan , Mango or Zara? For me I will definately go for quality goods and also good price. Of course if the promoter service is good is a bonus. How about you?