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  1. Sanitize car before using it

    setel apps yr 2018 ald got, now then it's very famous, lol
  2. App for easy refuelling?

    if there are pump attendant there, they will fill it up for you, they already wear precautions like masks and gloves to avoid these virus..
  3. App for easy refuelling?

    any other app also crashed and got problem.. i've encountered this and problem solved immediately after restarting the phone..
  4. App for easy refuelling?

    i think bcoz they are expanding nationwide, that's why people began to know about the app..
  5. App for easy refuelling?

    i admit, its really nice using this app.. even my mesra card no need to bring anymore bcoz everything can be linked with the app..
  6. Hmm sounds interesting then. Nowadays I use other brand but still got scan code, different from this one.
  7. Then use the app can collect point easy like that only? Then same function as the card la, just use the card
  8. Should I let my son continue study?

    That sounds good leh.. 3rd of Nov is coming so soon. omg.. gotta get ready..but i think there are more seminars are happening on the 3rd, look.. check this out [/url]bit.ly/RXu6Om
  9. Hello!!!

    hihi!! this is quacky. a dad of 3.. nice to meet ya'll!!