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  1. Hai, My girl, Sarah is a wonderful 7 years old. She was diagnosed with autism when she was about to turn 3. From then, we have constantly provide her care and several therapy that she enjoys. One of it is arts and crafts. We have kept her arts that it occupied one whole bed room and I think its time to let go some of it.. I would be lovely if I can contact any organizations or platforms that would appreciate my girl’s art as much as I do…
  2. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Cousin works as a caregiver at that platform. He says that its really convenient to work as a freelancer caregiver since the time is flexible and the price he offered also seems affordable since he's always on the go. Plus people can even contact him online. Super easy nowadays
  3. Should I let my son continue study?

    Hello Catwang90, Don't worry you are not the only one.. Actually im facing the same problem as well :( I need to find out which college suits my children, most of their friends went overseas like UK to study A-level. But i think its very troublesome. omg :angry::angry:
  4. New Member

    Hello everyone, this is peanut. I am new to this forum. please take good care of me. Thanks