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  1. Stretchmark cream/lotion that you are using

    Stretch marks are scars, and scars dont go away. As my Dr said... "If ur gonna get them, youll get them. All those stretch marks creams, lotions and oils dont work, so throw them away. Best u just apply normal lotion that ur use to." (that was coming from a skin specialist.) Whether u choose to believe or not its up to you...
  2. Maternity Clothes

    Freshmama welcome. Yes.. i think that if u buy meternity clothes its abit of a waste, cuz i only wear them during pregnancy. If u buy babydoll tops and dresses, u can wear them while pregnant and after birth.
  3. Doctor Recommendation in KL

    For you, u can try Dr Goon Meng Soon, and ur baby Dr Lai BH.. both at Pantai medical center Cheras (Ulik) Ive been seeing them and still seeing since i gave birth. Theyre both very nice
  4. What you cannot do during confinement?

    I hate those old fashioned rules! Pissed me off a lil when people were telling me this n that. I just followed the rules that i thought were neccesary... and the ones that i thought were kinda stupid (Like dont drink while standing up, u have to sit.) etc... i didnt follow. And the issue bout not allowed to wash ur hair and shower for how many days, i definitely didnt follow at all! I showered and washed my hair 2 days after i delivered. Just make sure you blow dry ur hair as soon as ur done showering.
  5. Maternity Clothes

    I didnt buy maternity clothes.. except for one top. I wore those babydoll tops and dresses... looks much more nicer lol!
  6. Baby Boy or Baby Girl???

    I wouldnt have minded if mine were a boy or girl... either one.. i still love them
  7. How to improve milk supply

    I read that when you breastfeed ur baby it will send signals to ur brain telling it to produce more milk.