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  1. App for easy refuelling?

    yup. using the app already avoid us from direct contact with other people except for petrol pump. so after using it, do sanitize hands well. and dont forget wear mask people hehe
  2. App for easy refuelling?

    ohhh so so thats why in sarawak got many stations can used the app rather than before this only in lanang station. the app so good to be use, should expand it throughly.
  3. wht i can say is nowadays got technology. even there is a new app that require us just to go out from the car only to pump the fuel. other steps only in the car. should all parents use this and ease them all.
  4. Pepole who smoking and baby

    It is safe to use at petrol stations because during the transaction you must stay in the car till payment process and then just leave your smartphone in the car la when refueling
  5. Trustworthy Babysitter

    Usuallyprofessional agencies have specific policies for completing reference and background checks on potential babysitters.the babysitters will have been checked before they are employed.
  6. who want new iphone???

    iphone 5s i dont know but iphone5 is really good! strongly recommend if u want cz im using now. like it! fast go get from celcom as they having promotion now! last day today! only RM88 per month and u can get 5GB data when sign up yeah!!!
  7. are so WRONG la!!!!!duh.. but it is a CAR fact it's 2 cars for you to choose from has been pimped up to make you feel like the king on the road whatchuwant la..the Mazda 3 or the Honda CR-Z..wanna see how cool is the cars then check out better hurry up..pick you pack and prize and send to *128#
  8. hello!!!

    hi guys!! this is mini.. newbie here