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  1. Accordingto one of the survey on folic acidpregnancy, three women out of every four are unaware of the importance offolic acid and do not take vitamins or supplements which contain folic acid. Whyfolic acid is required to be taken during pregnancy? It plays a central role incell division and production and it also includes red blood cells production. NeuralTube Defects (NTDs) would develop in baby if there is a deficiency of folicacid in the pregnant women.
  2. Beforedoing any exercise, try to warm up and take some time to cool down. Keepyourself active and walk daily for an hour or half. In hot weather, avoid anyof the exercise which is strenuous. Try to drink plenty of water so that youmay not feel dehydrated. Avoid all such exercisesduring pregnancy in which you have to lie on your back. Sports like judo,kickboxing, squash and all other sports in which there is a risk of getting hitmust be avoided. Also avoid, horse riding, ice hockey, gymnastics and downhillskiing. The given sports contain the risk of injury.
  3. Accordingto the Center of Disease and Prevention, nearly three thousand infants are bornwith Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) in United States. Spina bifida and anencephaly are commondefects of the category. Which foods contain folic acid? Fortified cereals,grain products and in vitamin supplements, they are commonly found. Folic acid pregnancy prevents from NTDsfor up to seventy percent. Risks of cleft lip and palate can be reduced if pregnantwomen take folic acid properly.
  4. Medicalexperts suggest that women at child bearing age must take 400mcg of folic aciddaily. This means folic acid beforeconceiving is also crucial and must be in daily diet. The US NationalHealth institute, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, andthe Center of Disease Control and Prevention recommends usage of folic acidduring pregnancy. The reason is that folicacid pregnancy helps in prevention from the neural tube defects. Spina biidaand anencephaly are two of the common defects of the category.
  5. Stomachexercises during pregnancycan be done in number of ways. Transverse muscles are mostly ignored as theylie deep into the abdominal muscles. The function of these muscles is to keeporgans at their place as a result pressure gets exerted on the abdomen. The musclesare connected to the back and the rectus muscles. When exercise is being donethese muscles get involved. Sit ups are mostly adopted by the pregnant womenbut unfortunately they do not target transverse muscles.
  6. Someof the benefits of folic acid pregnancy include formation of red blood cellsand thus it helps in prevention from anemia. Also, it is good enough for curingbaby from cleft palate and cleft lip. The risk of the preeclampsia also reducesas it affects the heart of the baby and the expecting mother. Howmuch folic acid during pregnancy? If it is being consumed in ratio of 600microgramsdaily the risk of NTDs can be reduced to a greater extend.
  7. Beforeallocating any of the pregnancy exercises program first do consult your healthcare provider. Back pain is one of the main discomforts of pregnancy and youcan’t relax if you are one of the sufferers. The best way is to exercise. Someof the safeexercises during pregnancy are: indoor cycling, low impact aerobics,swimming, brisk walking and jogging. These exercises are safe as they are mildor moderate. Also, there is no danger of any injury while performing theseexercises.
  8. Apartfrom healthy diet, exercise is also vital to be performed daily. If you arepregnant and keep a routine of regular exercise then you and your baby willstay healthy. Howto exercise during pregnancy? Exercises must not exert pressure on theuterus of the mother and must be moderate enough to perform. Regular exercisehelps in improving posture and provides relief from pregnancy discomforts likeback pain.
  9. Whatare NTDs? These defects are related with the growth of the brain and the spinalcord. They can be avoided by having 600micrograms of folicacid during pregnancy. Spina bifida is one of the defect in which theclosure of the spinal column and the spinal cord is incomplete. Anencephaly isanother defect which is related with the improper development of brain. You mayget surprised to hear that all these defects occur in the first 28 days ofpregnancy when you hardly know that you are pregnant.
  10. Stomachexercises during pregnancy mustbe done in order to regain body shape. Most of the females start takingantibiotics for losing weight. Although after pregnancy, your baby was born butstill your tummy is projecting bad feel. You can treat it by doing body crunchesand sit ups. Even your labor becomes easy when you maintain your abs musclesthroughout pregnancy. Transverse muscles are the ones which are oftenoverlooked in pregnancy exercises but in fact they help in improving the middlesection after pregnancy.
  11. Accordingto one of the survey which was conducted in US, it has been found that onlyseven percent of the pregnant women are aware of the fact that they need toconsume folic acid as it is important. Folic acid during pregnancy dosage is 600micrograms each day. Before conceiving,pregnant women must take 400micrograms of folic acid during pregnancy. Folicacid is not only required for avoiding neural tube defects but they are alsorequired for avoiding the condition of anemia during pregnancy.
  12. Swimming,sit ups and body crunches are some of the best exercises of abdomen. They helpin keeping the body active and the pregnant women would not feel any feeling ofstress out. The exerciseduring pregnancy helps in building the stamina for the actual labor andthe delivery. According to one of the estimates if pregnant women exercisedaily for about thirty minutes then at the time of delivery less time would berequired for the delivery of a baby.
  13. What foods to avoid when pregnant? Try to avoidthe intake of the raw meat or eggs. The reason is that they may be contaminatedwith the bacteria named Listeria. The bacteria have the ability to poison theblood and thus causes harm to the immature baby growing inside the expectingmom. Also, undercooked foods come into the list of food to avoid during pregnancy. Undercooked foods must also be refrained fromas they are may cause miscarriage. The chances of stillbirth are also high. Eatingfish during pregnancy is good but if it is high in mercury it needs to beavoided.
  14. Theyare good for the first trimester as your belly does not grow that much. Avoidthem in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. They exert pressure onbelly which in turn halts the supply of blood and oxygen to the baby. Swimmingis another good abdominalexercises during pregnancy. It helps in keeping your body active andless stress out.
  15. Rawmeats and eggs must be avoided during pregnancy. Why to avoid them? The reasonis that they are contaminated with bacteria named Listeria. Not only raw meatbut undercooked food might also infect your baby with the bacterial infection. Amongfoodto avoid during pregnancy also comes unpasteurized milk. Avoidunpasteurized milk as this may lead to miscarriages. The Bacterium it containshas the ability to cross placenta and directly affects fetus. Blood poisoningwill occur that might be life threatening as well.