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  1. When to check infertility?

    Hi, I'm a newbie.. I already missed my period 2 weeks (from longest cycle: 35 days). My period cycle from few months back, 31-35 days. But so far, no pregnancy symptoms (i guess). I only noticed a bit breast tenderness (symptoms of PMS) right around expected period, but no period until now. not sore, just mild tenderness, come & go. Also, hav few cramps but compare to menstrual cramps, it's much mild... also come & go.. Having headaches but i guess juz bcoz of the cold weather inside the office. I did UPT test, using dip & tell. a week ago, at 3a.m since i can't hold the bladder that night. Result: -ve. I don't want to test anymore, being scared if still negative. Should I seek for doctor advice? Am afraid in case I'm being late bcoz of cysts or something.. . I'm married for 5 months. I juz want to check if is there sumthing wrong with me.. but afraid if doctor said ,"Worry too much... juz wait 1 year, then only test.." Opinions are welcome..