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  1. hi everyone... I have a 15 years old daughter who is having trouble learning. She also does not like to communicate with other and not be able to control herself when she is angry.I send her to school, but I needsomeone to accompany her after school too. So, I need someone can provide tutor, assist & monitoring during mealtimes or her daily routine activities. If you have any contacts who qualified my requirement as intended, Please, do share with me. I really need your help..
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7??

    And it come with bookcase worth RM 249..really value for money will hint hint darling to bring me to celcom store to get one lol…should he get the 12 mths or 24 mths contract ah??
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7??

    I think this is the one that they enchance the voice call too la…the last time one need to headset or bluetooth to make call..this one just call like normal mobile lol…planning to sell the old one and change to this lol..what do you think??
  4. hallo!

    new bies here. nice to meet u all!