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  1. I had a pair of dark jeans that I couldn't stop from fading and they just kept getting lighter and lighter. Same goes to my red shirt Do I need separate light coloured clothes from dark ones too? Usually go self laundry no prob at all..
  2. My face has severe breakout after wear facemask ...is it because of some contain a chemical that causes an allergic reaction? Any suggestion guys how treat this? since no choice have to wear facemask
  3. Women Bikers

    I can't wait for ride across like this https://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/women-bikers-rev-sepang-international-044337128.html . Only different is i dont have Harley-Davidson je la.hope covid-19 getting better so can planning like this event again on cny.
  4. A house of my own

    this is my first time heard of this company's name. I'm a government employee too but even i don't have any idea regarding this.same procedure like bank?
  5. A house of my own

    I'm already thinking of taking a house loan but still in the middle of discussion with my husband as we need to think of the interest rate charged by the bank. Different bank diff charged.
  6. A house of my own

    Durian tunggal Melaka,yess it is more like kampung and low cost of living. maybe I will go there first and followed by my husband. he has already applied to be transferred and is waiting to be transferred there.
  7. A house of my own

    I am planning to move to my hometown in Melaka. Durian Tunggal area.
  8. A house of my own

    I'm struggling to find my own house aka my own home as now i'm temporary living with my mother-in-law. You know having your own house after u got married is what i wanted the most. Having your own privacy and you freely do whatever u want. For the time being, i'm looking for a house within a budget around rm130k-145kas we're still need to think about other stuff too. But is it possible to get a house within my budget? Your advice is so helpful for me.
  9. Invention for parents

    It is automatically added to our account since we linked the mesra kad with our setel app.
  10. Invention for parents

    Right now klang valley is completed. Just suggest the palce u want setel to be from the website la https://www.setel.my/where-next
  11. Invention for parents

    its safer to use online apps nowadays than to bring all your money altogether. plus this app can help a lot of people from a long queue
  12. Invention for parents

    yep, now i can just go online to pay. no need to withdraw my money or else i'll spend them all hahah
  13. Invention for parents

    Remember when sometime we forgot to bring card, the sadness is real cause cant collect the points.
  14. Invention for parents

    Here is the link. Its not really new, i have used the app from last yar May. https://www.setel.my/
  15. Invention for parents

    I just knew this one Petronas online apps, we can just unlock pump from our car and not bother about leaving our baby in car or bring them together. plus it's safe