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  1. Smelly paint smell

    Yes I did opened all the doors and windows while painting to let the smell out, but duno why ah the smell just wont gone completely. Quite a nuisance for me as I really cant bear the smell especially when im eating urgh.
  2. Smelly paint smell

    The common paint that most of the people nowadays are using, the one that starts with N. Yeah I also thought that the smell will be gone after awhile but who knows its already the third day since then but still...
  3. Smelly paint smell

    Recently me and my wife just moved into our new house and we decided to paint our house with the colours that we like, which was a huge mistake on our part as we had not anticipated that the smell of the paint would be so strong. It just feel so hard to breath in the house and not sure how long we need to wait for the smell to spread away.
  4. What is your favourite pasar malam food?

    Satay. Definitely.
  5. Is there any fine line of caring... and caring too much? My son told me that I was too noisy and over controlling his life lol......What should I do now?
  6. Need help here

    Thanks for your fully explanation. Video Onz is not suitable for my boy, but it's fine to get him the internet plan with unlimited calls, so that he can contact me easily. I'm the smart consumer, I know what I should get for my boy already haha. Thank you very much
  7. Need help here

    My boy is begging me buy him a new smartphone as his birthday gift because he wants a handphone to stay connect with his buddies. Unfortunately his mom not allowed because she thinks that it might affect his study and affraid ofthe phone bills chargeexpensive. Any opinion or recommendation? Thanks in advance..
  8. Music for kids

    tq for sharing
  9. Which better?? HTC or Nokia??

    for me, I will go for Nokia Lumia 1020 lo cause it has better lens which is 40mp and also it is lighter than the HTC One Max, more convenient when carry out
  10. Who wanna see Lee Hom this March 2013?

    FREE ticket for sure best lah... u may try the method here... Send MUXIC to 22188 and reload RM50... then u may have chance to win a pair of ticket...
  11. Breastfeed adoption baby

    what injection that need to take??? How much for that????