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  2. What is your favorite name?

    While my favoraite name for girl is Nancy and for boy is David
  3. Seriously Looking for infant adoption

    Thank you for adopting chinese baby girls or girls. If you succeed, he or she will pretty lucky enough.
  4. Seriously Looking for infant adoption

    Hi! Actually I am a Chinese girl. I know nowadays in china there are still lots of baby boys or girls who need a new home, i mean they need to be adopted. Two years ago, when i was a college student, my international teacher whoes husband is an american adopted a chinese baby boy. They now teach in china. If possible i may ask some information about baby adoption for you. We had good relationship then. For more convenienet conversation, you can add my MSN: sophialove2012@msn.cn .Because sometimes i may not in this forum.
  5. [WTS] Study Table_Brand New

    You are welcome.
  6. Hi! I added you in my MSN list, for something special. Please just add me too and i will have a chat with you later, ok? Thank you!
  7. My baby Photo Book

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  8. My Daughter

    A cheap digital frame from an online shopping store like this may make your pictures vividly and more convenient. Coz i like taking pictures around me and i always put them in this digital frame to show others in my living room or bedroom. Hope you enjoy your life!
  9. My Daughter

  10. Yesterday is my 25th birthday, a day should be happy. But anything is possible, it was rainy and i was late for work...Guess what? Just for 2 minutes. Hey just guess what happened next?
  11. [WTS] Study Table_Brand New

    Good study table! Anyone deserves to have it Thanks Hebelove2012 check out my other listing too : SHISEIDO Lipstick L'OCCITANE Travel Set Ok, i will do that.
  12. budget planner

    Saving is believing-----i notice it on a Hongkong-based online shopping store
  13. Used NUK Bottle For Sale

    Wow! I was just wondering if a used NUK Bottle is healthy when is used for second time.