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  1. App for easy refuelling?

    mesra card link w the app or what? how to earn points? so wasted the points before this
  2. App for easy refuelling?

    short time??? i have tried once, keeps crashing, until the pakcik sound me why took so long to refuel. goshhhh!!
  3. Smelly paint smell

    It is better to buy the purifier I recommended to u all. This company only charge 50% of the total payment of the remainder of the rental period for early termination of rental contract.
  4. Smelly paint smell

    I think got ba, but u need to pay for the service fee.
  5. Smelly paint smell

    As I know, CUCKOO is more expert in kitchen appliances like rice cooker, multi-cooker and so on. Their air purifier i never use before.
  6. Smelly paint smell

    Are u wanna to buy a air purifier? I recommend u to buy an air purifier that has a lot of features.
  7. Buying Macbook Pro for my son

    children nowadays got parents to lucky! Why buy so expensive stuff for them....there is a computer lab in university/college ma.....not necessary to spend so much money la...and is not safe !
  8. Europe trip in next year!

    Are you a Citibank card holder? If you are like me, I recommend you to check out the promotion on 6 to 8 Sept 2013 at Seri Pacific hotel, KL. You get to buy premium tour for travel with bargain price plus 0% easy installment plan. During your trip, remember to carry credit card! Much easier as you don't have to carry so much cash, and in France, it worried me!
  9. what is this ? so blur, i cnt guess it.. give me more tips.. and how to win it ? could it be a mini cooper ?
  10. 2012 Smartphone!!!

    check this out, galaxy y with no up front payment. are u kidding me??? more great deal does daily ang pow of RM 888 to be won sound to you??? like it then hurry lol coz tomolo last day lol..