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  1. Where to eat?

    Yeap. LOL.. If not mistaken ive check their facebook they even had promotion for ramadhan season last time.
  2. Where to eat?

    Dont really sure. But what i know is they already cleaned all the branches and served no pork.. Its safe for malay to eat there i think. I saw couple of muslim eat there before also.
  3. Where to eat?

    Yaya.. I forgot the actual name of the sandwich LOL. No problem.. And maybe after you try at PhoStreet then you can review abit and post in this thread. Yeap.. It is pork-free restaurant as stated by the waiter and got sign says it pork-free. So must be no pork served even in the menu got no pork based food. I think you can just bring your friend try there.
  4. Where to eat?

    I ordered the vietnamese sandwich. Forget the name already. Banmi something like that. Had a taste of my friend vietnamese beef noodle. That one so good.
  5. Where to eat?

    I highly recommend you to try PhoStreet. All i can say the food quite tasteful but then again im not really familiar with vietnamese dishes. Maybe you can review it LOL.
  6. Where to eat?

    These restaurant good ma? I seldom go eat vietnamese restaurant but lately went to PhoStreet at EkoCheras Mall with friend. Not bad la the food.
  7. Car Suspension

    Learn wat new things?? Only pump new petrol only will learn a thing? Ridiculous
  8. Car Suspension

    true or not oh?? so magic, 2 weeks can reduce the sound... i tstill can't believe leh
  9. Congee for baby and me❤

    the size of congee is show like below pic.. price is below 10ringgit or 10++, I can't remember ald
  10. Congee for baby and me❤

    i gt ate at jin xuan last time, the price is soooo damn expensive...but it's truly delicious
  11. Congee for baby and me❤

    scared that food at mamak stall is dirty, better eat at shop... a little bit expensive is nvm
  12. Car Suspension

    my car's problem was when start the engine it come out with so many black smoke and the engine was very pro at "eat" the fuel
  13. Car Suspension

    sometime i went to check again they also gt charge me some money, Zzz
  14. Congee for baby and me❤

    just google searchcongee recipe and there will jump out many kind of recipe... last time i also copy from there
  15. My son is getting into college for Pahrmacy course and I wish to give him something as a present or encouragement.. but he always wanted a macbook pro.. come to think of the price, actually quite expensive.. rm 3.9k is not a small amount.. should i just buy for him or change another model like ASUS or DELL ?