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  1. Hi Ladies

    I don't want just to be pregnant, but a mother for kid - I mean, I really can delivery a baby... not little happiness and taken by God
  2. I'm happy went I get to know I'm pregnant last year October 2011 (married Dec 2010) I went to Damo Clinic & Maternity Centre, Klang for check-up, they scan me and give some medicine My last visit to Damo, is Saturday, 29th Nov, the Dr said (Christina - sounds like that her name) said my baby OK, heart beat OK, everything is OK, I do tell to Dr that I was bleeding - brown, pink, red colour, and she said .. maybe you are weak, so give me an injection .. But, Nov 3rd.. I have a teribble pain (yesterday night I do have, though wanted to go clinic, but the next day I feel OK, so went to work as usually) the pain, like killing me, I can feel I'm bleeding and also pain so much! Finally, I asked my friend help me and my manager brought me to Cyberjaya Clinic, then straight to Putrajaya Hospital. Went minor surgery .. and my left fallopian tube removed ;-( 32 day MC.. (if I'm late I might not alive, thank God, I went to work, because I really can't move, if I stayed at Home alone, what will happen??) I need some advice - When I can start plan for baby and how to avoid this things happen again in the future? Which Dr or Hospital to go, (I'm stayed at Puchong) prefer female Dr Do I need meet Dr before I plan for baby? Is there any traditional food I can take, to improve my health to get pregnant?