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  1. Confinement Lady

    I also headached for finding the CL now.... i had find 1 CL intro by my good friend's.. she say this CL very good... will teach u how to take care ur healthy &the baby cry for wht.. then take care the baby in nite also... but i'm unlike can't hire her .. cos she say she onli do in apartment / condominium onli wor... for double storey she can't do for me.. cos this CL had C-Section before so can't walk so much up and down.... haih!! I heard they say Seremban many good CL... Now i still searching for the good CL... If someone need this CL I can intro her to u all... her price is RM2800.00
  2. Choice of a baby BOY or GIRL

    Sharon, I dunno how to see ler....can help me check? I'm born in 1981 and baby EDD is 07 Dec... so girl or boy?
  3. December Mother

    Hi! I'm the December 2007 mother... my EDD is 07 Dec 2007...