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  1. Dear All, Just to share this.... It is always very good to attend the public forum if you are trying to conceive and you will be surprise you learn something from there. My friend has been trying to conceived for 2 years and no news then once he attend the forum and he told me he learn a lot from there and told me he manage to get his wife conceive naturally. So if you are trying to conceive, do check out the forum. Currently there is one forum on going. Here are the information :- Klinik Pakar Wanita Mey Melakawill be having our 2nd Public Forum in Malacca in Collaboration withMetro IVF Fertility. You are invited to attend our Public Forum on 9 September 17 @ Holiday Inn Hotel MelakaIn this forum, you will discover:- What you need to do to improve your chances of pregnancy naturally...- Non traditional ways like IUI and IVF that can help improve pregnancy rates...- Yoga relaxation in IVF Complimentary for participants: - 1 x Semen Analysis (Sperm Check) - 1 x Pelvic Scan - 1 x Consultation with our Fertility Specialist Contact them now to register: +6062881681 / +60173711681 or +60182332778
  2. 2017 IVF reccomendations in KL?

    Hi there, have you found your ivf center? I did my IVF at METRO IVF under Dr Tee Swi Peng. I highly recommend this doctor to you. I am grateful to him. I have been trying to conceive for 9 years finally I meet the right doctor and did my IVF with him and success with 1st attempt. My boy is 5 years old now. Without his help, my dream to be a mother will never come true. Please join this group to find out more information about IVF, the cost, the promotion and etc. Thank you
  3. I would say save the money, bring all your report and look for another doctor. Sometimes change doctor may change your luck too. Both of you and your husband are still young still have a very good chance for ivf. I dont think you should go for PGD. I am not a doctor. But No harm visit another doctor and get 2nd opinion. Dr Tee Swi Peng from Metro IVF is one of the pioneer, best fertility/ivf specialist in Malaysia. He has more than 25 years experience. I success my ivf under him. Lately Metro has invest a lot of new technology and facility into their lab. They have 2 lab now. One in klang and another one in Setiawalk which just officially launch 2 weeks ago.
  4. have you every wonder why not change doc? sometimes change new doc, you might have luck with the doc. Since you are in melaka, why not visit Klinik MEY ( which is also under Metro IVF which has the highest success rate? You can also request to transfer your 4 frozen embryo out to other center.
  5. 2017 IVF reccomendations in KL?

    Why not call the hospital and ask. They are very friendly. Personally I will recommend you give the METRO IVF KLANG a try. Look for Dr Tee. I am sure he can help you. you can find it more about their recent success story from their fb too :- or you can check out their website :- or you can talk to their embryologist at 016-4100566
  6. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Irenebaby, nice to hear from you. yes, really enjoy baby sitting even though sleepless nite but is worth when see the baby smile at you. So fast next week, (1feb) i m back to work too. will miss my baby very much.
  7. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Newee, i agree with you that we want 0 risk of mc so I didnt do amnio test also. i m 34 last year was ask to consider to do the test but was Dr t say not necessary . i got 2 friend did the test and was under dr T. They told me dr t very skillful so no pain at all. One of my them (pobear) is having twins. the babies are fine. You can trust dr t. The chance of mc i heard is 5 %. But with good skill I am sure it will be fine and you get peace of mind.
  8. Anyone doing IVF?

    Congrats newee. i delivered my baby at hospital wanita metro under dr T. i can tell you that Dr t is very skillful. My CS was very pleasant and staying in metro make me feel like home. The nurses are very caring and friendly. only thing is metro dont have variety of food for lunch and dinner. I hope you will follow up with them.
  9. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Bek, CONGRATS!!! Wow!!!! Your Twin babies have a very good weight. Very Proud of you. You deliver at 38 weeks? Enjoy your motherhood ya. Take care ya
  10. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Siewli, I wish you will have a smooth delivery too next year april.ur 1st ivf under Dr Tee also? CS also dr Tee? then you are ready for the 2nd CS Yes I really enjoy being a mother now. Whatever you have suffer is worth. I dont even feel any pain at all of the CS once I m busy with baby. I am sure Dr tee /metro standard procedure once any IVF bb is born, he will deliver the flower and took picture for his memory and then hang in his wall in his clinic without even you request for it. My friend who had her twin also got the flowers and with TWIN her CS scar only 4 inch fine line also. He definitely very skillful. Some of my fren had CS under others doc, complaining still pain even after 3 months.
  11. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Eeeriin, thanks. I have remove the stitches from Dr tee 2 days ago and he share with me that this month he have a very good success rate. 70% He is very happy. Ask me spread the good news. Dr Tee is really a very nice, kind, friendly Doctor. I m glad I start with him and I deliver my baby under him. Metro is not a 5 star hospital but the nurses services, the people there definitely give us 5 star services. They are very friendly and I feel like at home during my stay at metro, it is so cozy and luxury like in the hotel (except for the choice of dinner very limited). I am so surprise that Dr Tee send me flower and when I discharge, give me a good discount without asking him. I am highly recommending Dr Tee. For me he is the best doctor B)/> who finally make my dream come true after 9 years of wait. Take good care ya Eeeriin, Siew Li, Newee, babyapple Have a smooth delivery Bek Enjoy your motherhood Irenebaby
  12. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Bek, Dr Tee schedule me to deliver at 38 weeks. I manage to hold baby till 38 weeks as per the schedule date to CS. I was having high contraction 3 days before the CS date, luckily baby stay inside till the date we set for him to come out
  13. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi bek, hi Irene, I have just delivery my baby boy in 20nov under dr tee. He very skillful. Tmr will be 1 weeks and time to remove the stitched. My baby is not big also only 2.8kg. ;-)
  14. Anyone doing IVF?

    As for me, I have a very good experience with Metro, Dr Tee and his team. I am very lucky to find Dr Tee (without anyone recommendation, I just walk in) and to me he is the most caring doctor that I have ever seen (I have seen more than 6 gynea). My First appointment with him, he spend more than1 hour patiently listen to my story and do all the checking necessary (include vagina scan) and he tell me I am ready for IVF. I have never been so happy when visit a gynea. Usually I will come out with SAD tear but this time, for the first time I step out from Dr Tee clinic with happy tear knowing that I can proceed with IVF without going thru another laparoscopy. Knowing that Dr Tee can make my pregnancy possible, Immediately I sign up Metro Chrismas IVF Package. I am very bless and lucky to success with my 1st IVF under Dr Tee and his team. I will be delivering my baby this Mid Nov under Dr Tee also. Yes, you cannot compare metro facility with Sunfert but Metro is not as Horrible as Odie has mention. I have been admitted 3 times and all the nurses there are very nice, gentle and friendly. They always encourage me, wish me luck and guide me all the time. They even remember my name whenever they saw me. Yes metro has 4 room only and first come first served. Metro is very clean and neat. I am very comfortable staying in the open ward during my OPU, ET, & 3 times admitted rather than staying alone so lonely in the single room. Dr Tee never chase me out whenever we go for the check up. In fact he keep on asking us any question, keep on smiling and keep on give us positive encouragement and very reluctant to let us go. He always like to chit chat extra with my DH, and tell us story whenever there is chance. As for the blood test report, I have all of them. i request it for my own copy whenever I have the result. Dr Tee do give me back all the scan which is now I have compile them and make it into an album. I feel very relief to be able to see Dr tee every 4 days after the ET until 12weeks so that we can know how is the baby progress. To conclude, me and my DH only trusted Dr Tee. We never feel so comfortable with other doctor. We feel owe to Dr Tee and his team. We are very grateful with his help that really finally make our dream come true. I do wish everyone who TTC here with lots of baby luck. I do believe that different people have different luck with different Doctor and timing is also very important.
  15. Anyone doing IVF?

    Wow Stickybbwanted, You are a very very strong and brave women. You have gone thru so much yet so strong and never give up. I am sure God hear you and will grand you with a baby. please dont give up. I have faith in you that you will success on your next try.