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  1. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Strawberry Thanx for your reply. In fact, planned to go for 2nd attempt last year but hb strongly discouraged. He said no point going thru all the heartache and the side effects again. I brought up the matter again this year bcos age is catching up with both of us....if not this year might, as well forget about it....still no no for him. He said if it is fated for us to hv our own child we do not need to go thru such way to get one. God has his own plan for us. Then I asked him about adoption and he did not object to it. I think adoption is my only way for the time being but how to go about it?
  2. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Strawberry199 Im considering 2nd attempt. My 1st was 3 years ago. In fact I have given up on TTC after the disappointment but everytime i heard of a success case Im tempted again to give it a another try. I understand that u did yours at LWEH. Hope u can give some comments if want to try at LWEH this time round?
  3. Anyone doing IVF? I'm considering IVF and looking for a good centre. Any recommendation?