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  1. Congee for baby and me❤

    looks nice lah... I think for their price I have to agree that hkshengkee have better to offer
  2. Homecare for the slow learner?

    I see. They provide all kind of caretaking services yea. And they are flexible on the hours so thats convenient too. Okay thats something new i learn about today thanks guys
  3. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Are they specialized in only special children only? Is it possible to find normal babysitters there?
  4. Homecare for the slow learner?

    These kids needs special attention to them. They cant be left alone on their own, the caretakers need to keep calm when the children is extra energetic and all. Professionals would be more suitable for them rather than normal sitters
  5. Help me :(

    The brand is not seemsfamiliar to me . Expensive or cheap?LOL I pray for you gaga get well soon okay !
  6. Help me :(

    Eurr.. I can felt you . Pity you. I have no idea bcs i usually using brand feminine.
  7. i know when u have yeast or fungal infection, u're in a big trouble it's really hurt & I'm also a Canestenuser and thank god after 1 week used it, my yeast infectiongone & i hope this will never happen again.
  8. I believe there are many ways for the VYI treatment. My friend used to suffer with VYI, but once she applied Canesten which gave by gynae, her issue has been resolved. Canesten works perfectly on treating VYI, it can be found easily in pharmacy, you can get it a try.
  9. Well, beneficialbacteria in the vaginahelps to keep other organisms like yeast under control. But, when the beneficial bacteria failed to keep up and yeast overgrows, then you get VYI. Symptom of VYI sych asitching and burning in the vagina and around the vulva. Vaginal discharged cloudy and greyish, It comes with yellowish and smells like rotten fish when turns badly
  10. Based on my experience, you probably infected the VYI (vaginal yeast infection) . Reason being is because you have the same conditions with me previously, but I have recovered after go and seek for gynaecologist