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  1. I am a mummy from Singapore. I engaged Irene Yong Nyuk Yin ( ah lian )'s service and paid her a deposit of $400 in early April. She is from Sabah. She claimed that her mother passed away and requested for an additional $100 which I acceded to, based on compassionate grounds. In total, I gave her $500. I only came to realize of this thread in May. Horrified as I was, I did not reject her assignment. I came online from time to time to check for updates about her and to contribute in the discussions. End June. Mdm Ida the famous Malay masseur came over for my pre-natal massage. I shared with her about Irene and showed her the photo online. Mdm Ida told me Irene tried to steal many cans of abalones from one of her customers' place on her last day of work. I was appalled. 13th July, she called me and requested for $300 cash advance as her father had passed away. I've already been forewarned. Therefore I refused. 1st Aug, she called again to confront me. She said that she's aware that I had been "bad-mouthing" her in this thread. She said she don't feel happy working for me anymore and rejected my assignment. She offered to refund me my deposit of $500 and told me to SMS her my bank a/c no. A week later, still no money being transferred into my a/c. I called her. She said that she's suffering from bad biz due to the negative comments online and requested to repay me in two installments, the first $250 by 27th Aug and second $250 by 30th Sept. 23rd Aug, just four days before the 27th deadline...she called me from Malaysia. She said that I put up such a big photo of her (see above entry on 6th May) and caused her to be detained for hours at the Customs. She was hence unable to come in to repay me my deposit PERMANENTLY as she was being barred from coming into Sg. I did not buy her story. The photo was put up in May. She was running betw SG and ML during this period of time. Why only detained now? I told her if she's genuine in wanting to repay me, she could send the money in even if she couldn't come into Sg physically. She panicked and changed her words. She said she wanted to repay me but her pocket was tight. I demanded for her to adhere to 27th deadline, if not, I will lodge a police report. She hanged up on me. On the same day, her son called me from Malaysia. He pleaded for me not to lodge a police report and that he'd repay the deposit on behalf of his mother. I shared with him what his mother had done and what drove me to want to take action against her. I agreed to his request to extend the deadline, with the first installment by 10th Sept and the second by 20th Sept. I SMS him my bank a/c no . 25th Aug, after I posted the above entry in Chinese, a woman claiming to be Irene's friend from the same hometown called and appealed for me to give Irene "a way out to survive". 31st Aug, Irene called me from ML. I missed her call twice. The 10th deadline was not here yet. I sensed that she could be having something up her sleeves again so I didn't return call. She spoke to another mummy in this thread and told her to convey a msg to me. Apparently, she was enraged that I told her son that she was being sacked by PEM confinement agency due to integrity issues. (Who gave my contact no. to her son and asked him to contact me in the first place?) She demanded that I owe her an apology and that she's very pissed with me now and does NOT want to refund me anymore. She said she had told her son NOT to repay me as well. She challenged me to lodge a police report. She said she's prepared not to come into SG anymore. I sms her son yesterday and asked if he's going to honour the first installment on 10th Sept. No reply till date. Excuses, excuses, excuses.....She had no intention to refund me my deposit right from the beginning. (1) She has not worked a single day for me after taking my money. What gave her the right to decide whether she wants to refund or not? According to her, she's happy, she will refund. If she's not happy with you, she will not refund. She act like the money is rightfully hers in the first place. Only dumbos like me will take pity on her and gave her extra $100 out of compassion. (2) No money to return. But was spotted at MBS casino gambling away with our mtbs' hard earned money. (3) She took my money and now she wants me to apologize to her. For?? Ya, rite. I must apologize to her for giving her money. Crap! This woman is a THIEF, a CON, a CHEAT and a FRAUD. Irene Yong Nyuk Yin (Ah Lian) ~ Sg Contact No: 92410658 / 81486751 ML Contact No: +60 168029823 Irene's son ~ ML Contact No: +60 165867997 Irene's friend ~ SG Contact No: 62505484 I had lodged a police report.