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  1. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    Make sense, sometimes they even just steal the pictures from google and claim the products to be their own, and further more if anything happened on facebook such as scamming it is very hard to resolve the incident in a proper way.
  2. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    Hmm I guess you are right, probably I would teach my own parents about online shopping also during my free time.....
  3. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    Wow I duno that people also can sell cookies through online now, I know some people do it on Facebook but never know there are online shopping platform that are able to do so too.
  4. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    better to spend timewith our parents andcan teach them about the latest phone features like how to use them as they are keen to learn too.
  5. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    The cookies amount per container sold at the supermarket is getting lesser every year, and the price remained the same or sometimes even getting more expensive due to inflation, better if we can bake it on our own to save cost.
  6. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    No matter how it is still cheaper compared to buying the cookies that are already baked directly from bakery or supermarket tho, just that you need to have the time and the required skills to bake it by yourself.
  7. I have a autistic kid

    so at caregiverAsia also has other services ya? how to choose and clarify the person that we will pick her/his services?
  8. I have a autistic kid

    oh really. i think u shud find anexperienced therapist that can manage passive autistic child. Usually they can attract the child to start communicate to others. I think u can search at internet.
  9. Smelly paint smell

    True true, expensive stuff like this sure need to think thoroughly before making any decisions, the contract cancellation fee gonna burn your wallet if you are not careful, its okay to take your time as the product would be used for quite a few years also.
  10. Smelly paint smell

    Company nowadays a lot are doing this sort of things one, use normal material and technology to make their products but still sell at the price as high as those genuinely made one, think their customers wont know about it meh lol.
  11. Smelly paint smell

    Well the main reason is because the place im living at is very dusty as everyday there will be quite a lots of lorries passing through the main road near to my house, so you can imagine with all the sands around the air is very polluted to breathin.
  12. Smelly paint smell

    Erm since you said that it is a new house right so maybe you should had just get it painted before you guys moved in, then you dont have to be bothered with the smell of the paint. Personally I dont really care about the smell, maybe because I had an air purifier installed in my house
  13. Hating my sensitivity

    Why am I so sensitive towards words? I wish I was normal but I always getting hurt because of many small things... And sometimes these feeling make me angry at myself. Why I can't less sensitive like other person?
  14. Need help here

    ohhhh to me no more carry forward is not a biggest problem coz if u can't finished 40GB within a month u still can use celcom first gold RM 80 and 20GB... i know my limitcoz my house don't have a wifi and i'm a online gamer so, i can finished all the data.. to me i'm not waste my money butits really worth it... =)
  15. Need help here

    yeahhh i'm also use postpaid maa.. low prices but got a lot of benefits.. not like other telco.. and don't be surprised because i'm using celcom first gold plus rite now.. everyone thought that its expensive like u said but actually nehh.. RM 98 with 40GB are the cheapest to me.. unlimited calls to all network, social apps and yonder music is the best offers..