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  1. I noticed my hair is thinning and falling in 3 weeks of pregnancy. Have along way to go, just dont want to be bald in the end I dont want to take any supplement since im pregnant. Should i talk to my doctor about this? Or will it go away?
  2. Hair fall after labour

    Im having serious hair fall problem after child birth 2 months ago. Was having the problem while i was carrying my baby. Any other mothers have this issue? How u cope with them?
  3. I only use online banking to topup in the app, but you may use other alternative like add credit or debit cards to the app..
  4. Aaa, i must say, already use this app for few months already and it seems like it helps myself alot! I guess our husband also can easily use this app, importantly during this mco..
  5. Congee for baby and me❤

    I usually just go outside and eat because I'm busy with my work andthis cansavea lot of time.
  6. Beauty Product Victim

    Ooo.. i see. Okay i’ll try your way. Thanks!
  7. Beauty Product Victim

    Is there any tips to sell items fast?
  8. Beauty Product Victim

    Never thought carousell are easier than any other platform...i’m such a noob
  9. Beauty Product Victim

    its not like i dont want to do giveaway.. but i just want to make it as my modal to buy other products.. hehe
  10. Beauty Product Victim

    maybeeee.. i’m not really into FB. emmm
  11. Beauty Product Victim

    Hi mommies.. Actually its my fault. As like any woman out there, i easily get caught by all those promotion from watson. So i just buy any skincare which is on sales and have lower price, one of it is Hado Labo UV sunscreen. Unfortunately its not suitable for my skin and i just used it once only. So i’m planning to sell it back with 50% lower price. Then i posted it on my social media but i get no feedback.
  12. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    You can refer to the website bcoz it comes with many kinds of services and noted that home cleaning also included as well as wellness and workouttrainer.
  13. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    I had tried this service from care giver previously and they already stated list of care giver that you can choose by yourself since they stated the care giver background and it comes with diff prices according to the demand care giver.
  14. Seriously? What is the infection? I never heard about it before. What should I do now?
  15. I'm having such issue now but I'm pregnant! Does it will affect to my child?Am I sick? What should I do to cure the illness? I'm so worried to my child, please help me..