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  1. Congee for baby and me❤

    Yaya, if you're busy with ur job, can't leave ur job, u can order via food panda to have their food.
  2. Congee for baby and me❤

    Yup. Thier food there all are cooked in Hong Kong's style. No need to go to Hong Kong and try. Many outlet are opened in KL area.
  3. Congee for baby and me❤

    The price at Hong Kong Sheng KeeDessert is affordable, not too expensive to have one congee
  4. Congee for baby and me❤

    they are selling various types of u go supreme congee with sliced fish, prawn, scallop and sliced mock abalone, sliced fish congee, preserved egg and pork ball congee, and aso chicken congee. All are very delicious
  5. Congee for baby and me❤

    Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert can be ur choice to have thecongee. The congee sell there taste good. There are many outlets in now. Can go and have a try if u want.
  6. Congee for baby and me❤

    Definitely yes, eating at outside is more easier and convenient. The priceofthe congee isaffordable. Eating at outside don't need too much burden.
  7. Smelly paint smell

    If salesman tell customer first, the there are no reason customer to complain when they really want to cancel it. So inform earlier is better, dont wait the customer complain then will difficult to handle.
  8. Smelly paint smell

    People dont but the product because of the cancellation fee, what people need is the product is quality enough, they cancel or stop contract because they cant tolerate the bad service or product quality anymore, so no other choice~ this cancellation fee just a add on feature.
  9. Smelly paint smell

    May b there are no control on the service quality, That why the worker just do what they like, if they want to work then work, if they dont want will find a lot reason to delay the work.
  10. Smelly paint smell

    It mean that no matter how, the payer should pay all the payment then only can end the contract. Look likes there are no other choice, payer only can follow the procedure.
  11. Smelly paint smell

    i must say not only the service is lesser and the worker also very bad attitude, call them always say they are busy and delayed the time. Not punctual and lazy guy, still piss when i say this story.
  12. itchy and rashes

    relax, take it easy.every gravida will face such problem while pregnant due because of the hormone change if u really worried ,u can consult to gynae for the right treatment
  13. Buying Macbook Pro for my son

    For education purposes, I suggest u go for cheaper brand first.. Because they only use it for assignment and social network only.. Not really graphic designing right ? Your macbook pro is way too far for a kid that are going to uni la… too expensive. You know, during my time, we dont have such hi-tech stuff... all are handwritten only.. sigh.. and i work so hard to earn money and bought myself a notebook..
  14. Looking for a good Uni

    am now looking for a university for my daughter. she had been rejected by USM in the second E-rayuan.. sighh!!! this is so frustrated. i dont understand why she just get rejected bcz her result is good. she scored 10A in SPM u know? and why she get this? im so worry for her.. sighhh.. any good university to recommend? would be much appreciated
  15. hey hey samsung fans.. got one ques here.. are these two gadgets the same?? i really blur lah.. both of them looks like same one, name also same lo!! aduh.. blur liao la.. anyway, i heard my friend said that the galaxy note 10.1 just launch in msia not long ago nia.. kinda interested with this note ler.. mind to share more info???
  16. who want new iphone???

    oh yeah! new iphoned is launched!! but dont know when only come to malaysia.. im using iphone 4 now actually.. was planning to switch to iphone 5 before but since now iphone 5s alr launched, u all think i should wait for it or not? which one better?
  17. Europe trip in next year!

    Planning to go Europe trip for one month with my darling, in backpacking style.. hehe.. But here are some questions came through my mind.. What is the recommended flight if i were to stop at London.. Emirates , MAS or any other choices ? Anyone can recommend budget accommodations in France, Italy, Rome, Belgium ? Is it a must to buy travel insurance ? Where can I get it ? or it is better to take tour package or free and easy tour ?
  18. halo.. im so confuse now ler.. dont know should i let my son go for studies after his SPM's coming so soon and i still have no direction yet.. if yes, which college is better leh? i dont know bout this... help!!!
  19. Should I let my son continue study?

    thanks for all the info!! will surely check it out.. cause i saw that there's lucky draw for all pre-registered ppl.. hmmm.. wish me luck yea!! hehehe
  20. Should I let my son continue study?

    he told me he also not sure what he likes.. lol.. headache with him
  21. Whatchuwant ?? What is this ??

    got ppl guess it correct? someone said it's a car la.. xD but it look a bit too small for a car guess is electronic gadgets lo.. so what do you think?
  22. hi im newbie

    hello.. im cat.. nice to meet u all..