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  1. I have a autistic kid

    Yeah they need some time to get used to it especially when nearing strangers they might feel uncomfortable and would prefer to be at the side of their parents, need someone who is specialized dealing with autistic kidto open up their heart to them.
  2. I have a autistic kid

    Taking care of an autistic kid is not an easy task to be done, you need to accept the fact that he or she is different from the other children of the same age and take a different approach in looking after them, suggest you to look into Caregiverasia for experienced caretakers in this field.
  3. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Aiya I know right, nowadays children small small age already wearing glasses, their childhood really different from us last time, I dont think they even watch cartoon on TV now, everyday also playing with their mommy's Ipad.
  4. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Hmm, sometimes I do feel that hiring someone else to take care of your children for you might probably end up making your relationship between you and your children became further, just my own opinion only lah and I'm not even marriedso can no need to mind me so much xD
  5. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    I see I see, that make sense too haha. If doing normal house keeping I also can do it lah but if need to take care of baby then I dont think I have the experience to handle So better leave it to the professionals.
  6. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Is home cleaning also available on this caregiverasia platform? Since from the name I thought it is just for people who are hired to take care of pregnant woman, children or old folks only.
  7. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Erm shouldn't you just ask around in your local area first? Because I think the forumers are from different places so kinda hard to give you suggestions haha since my family would just around for relatives and friends for advices.
  8. Smelly paint smell

    lol they are cheating to customers,how can they promise to ppl if cannot do it?Luckily I x buy this brand...
  9. Smelly paint smell

    i thought korea things must be high quality mahh hahaha,but how bad of their product & service?
  10. Smelly paint smell

    huhhhh?why?Cuckoo also from Korea right?why u said this is the worst product?
  11. Smelly paint smell

    Which brand are you recommend except coway?Because I want to do comparison before buy the air purifier.
  12. ehhh dont panic laa just relax its normal when u having an itchy at your vagina i think many women through the same thing
  13. Shopping list !!!

    But will the price be more expensive?
  14. Shopping list !!!

    Huh? Got online shopping for these daily use baby products liao meh?
  15. Feel sad & unhappy!!!

    Pity you too.. i used to kena cheat bfore too.. so u gotta be careful next time.. hmm, nah.. here's the ending for it.. haha u check it out and see.. you know now, misunderstanding happened so easily, but it can easily be avoided by just calling your love one and nicely communicte with each other.. u noe... just one call only can make the difference. I'm gonna call my darl now and wanna say I Love Her.