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  2. Hai, My girl, Sarah is a wonderful 7 years old. She was diagnosed with autism when she was about to turn 3. From then, we have constantly provide her care and several therapy that she enjoys. One of it is arts and crafts. We have kept her arts that it occupied one whole bed room and I think its time to let go some of it.. I would be lovely if I can contact any organizations or platforms that would appreciate my girl’s art as much as I do…
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  4. Car seat recommendation

    I am looking for carseat currently for my newborn baby....I wanted to get those which is for 0-3years old one. Any brands recomend? - maxi-cosi - Britax - combi - fisher price ................................etc Let's discuss and share your opinion.
  5. Beauty Product Victim

    Ooo.. i see. Okay i’ll try your way. Thanks!
  6. Beauty Product Victim

    forgot to tell u, latest features buyers can do searching based on pictures instead of normal searching by keywords cause sometimes buyer itself didn't know what to key in at the search bar.
  7. Beauty Product Victim

    from my experience, i love to specified myitems into their categorize which i have listed. This way other users can easily see your selling items.
  8. Beauty Product Victim

    Is there any tips to sell items fast?
  9. Beauty Product Victim

    agreed! The best part is any payment are directly made from buyer to seller without go through 3rd party. And there are no hidden charges.
  10. Beauty Product Victim

    Sokayyyyy, you can use it now since you know it already. Furthermore carousell have high number in traffic users so higher possibilities for people to see your selling items. Goodluck! hihi
  11. Beauty Product Victim

    Never thought carousell are easier than any other platform...i’m such a noob
  12. Beauty Product Victim

    Horrr just have to click ‘make offer’ options and key in your price but make sure it is reasonable la... Hahaha
  13. Beauty Product Victim

    is it true in carousell wecan do negotiation?
  14. Beauty Product Victim

    for sure you can get cheaper price. Its because u can negotiate with the seller so u just pay directly the price which have been agreed by both seller and buyer.
  15. Beauty Product Victim

    NO WORRIES!..Choose carousell.. Im telling u that platform are safe from scammers cause each of users need to signup for new account and the account must be verified first. Furthermore, itsare more active compare to other platform. By active means their systems are always monitored and protected.
  16. Beauty Product Victim

    but erghhh.. Selling online have lots of scammers mehhh
  17. Beauty Product Victim

    Yezzaaaa.... If u want to sell used skincare, u need to look for suitable platform. Mudah/Lelong are not suitable. Lazada are too complicated and BORED. So left is Carousell which already have many users selling used/preloved items. Thus very suitable for u to try.
  18. Beauty Product Victim

    B4, i’ve read on twitter people want to sell their skincare. But seems like not really efficient cause twitter users are mostly teenagers. haha
  19. Beauty Product Victim

    @anne112, if u are familiar with Carousell... there are lots of user selling used skincare with very reasonable price. I also buy my mask there..
  20. Beauty Product Victim

    its not like i dont want to do giveaway.. but i just want to make it as my modal to buy other products.. hehe
  21. Beauty Product Victim

    maybeeee.. i’m not really into FB. emmm
  22. Beauty Product Victim

    Alright thanks for letting me know about it yeah, I guess I will go and have a look for myself regarding this Carousell platform, who knows might find something that I am interested with, and better yet if I can get it for a cheaper price than usual xD
  23. Beauty Product Victim

    At Carousell you need not to worry about such thing tho, can just directly personal message the seller through the chatbox at the website and they will reply you asap, this feature allows both seller and buyer to be more secure as they no need third parties during transaction.
  24. Beauty Product Victim

    I see I see, but its just that sometimes I would hesitate to contact the seller even though I want to know more about the stuff that I am interested in buying as I had to contact him or her through Whatsapp, feeling not safe exposing my phone number to stranger like that.
  25. Beauty Product Victim

    Its an online platform that you can use to sell things, whether it is brand new or used, there are a lot people browsing it daily so usually it is quick fast for people to notice the things that you are selling and might even ask for further enquiries if they are interested.
  26. Beauty Product Victim

    Yes I know it is no harm posting on social media, just don't like to see the same thing over and over again haha.
  27. Beauty Product Victim

    lorhh.. nothing wrong to promotes items on social media. You just need to publish it at the suitable platform.
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