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  2. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    you can teach how to sell also after learning how to buy online, they may have something valuable that could be sold for quite some money if they want to and it helps to generate some extra income for the household while also clearing the house space of things that we dont use anymore.
  3. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    If you sell on there can just directly linked your items onfacebook so whenever you post something it will automatically post on socmedand save the hassle to re-post elsewhere
  4. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    Make sense, sometimes they even just steal the pictures from google and claim the products to be their own, and further more if anything happened on facebook such as scamming it is very hard to resolve the incident in a proper way.
  5. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    Hmm I guess you are right, probably I would teach my own parents about online shopping also during my free time.....
  6. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    online you still can negotiate with the seller since it is their own item that they are selling, while at shop they are just workers who have no control over the selling price, so everything is fixed, either you buy it or you leave it
  7. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    better to use online selling platform such as Carousell as people would be more confident with your product, FB anyone with an account can post anything they like, and since FB dont need much personal detail verification when making account there are a lot of scammers around there
  8. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    My parents also ask me to teach them how to do online shopping since they saw many young people are very into it nowadays, I just recommend them to use Carousell which is a very easy platform to navigate as all the items are separated into different categories such as hobbies and games or electronics, can slowly browse through the category that you are interested with.
  9. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    Correct, and always survey the price first and not just buy directly the moment you saw the ingredients that you want. Usually I will try to look online for the average price and compare with the price at shops. Sometimes online even after adding shipping fees it is still cheaper than buying from shops.
  10. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    Wow I duno that people also can sell cookies through online now, I know some people do it on Facebook but never know there are online shopping platform that are able to do so too.
  11. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    better to spend timewith our parents andcan teach them about the latest phone features like how to use them as they are keen to learn too.
  12. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    can try to see see from online also, not necessarily must buy from physical shops, why dont you try to look at this link, got quite a lot of cookies for sale here.
  13. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    need to see where you buy the ingredients also, always do a bit of research on your own before deciding on which one to buy. sometimes buying the most expensive ones =/= the best one also, maybe not suit the cookies that you are trying to make.
  14. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    I think that is the main point of baking together with your family, we dont usually have the time to bond together with them ever since we grown up and had our own work to do, so probably that is the only time where we got the chance to do something together.
  15. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    The cookies amount per container sold at the supermarket is getting lesser every year, and the price remained the same or sometimes even getting more expensive due to inflation, better if we can bake it on our own to save cost.
  16. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    No matter how it is still cheaper compared to buying the cookies that are already baked directly from bakery or supermarket tho, just that you need to have the time and the required skills to bake it by yourself.
  17. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    but normally the baking house selling those ingredients in higher price compare to supermarket and they seldom have discount, while supermarket having more sales
  18. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    i use 2kg of cornflakes with 1kg of rice bubbles to make it looks nicer. tats the market price i think, but not sure the cookies nice anot
  19. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    i just bought it in baking house, since there have almost everything i need for baking, easier for me to buy all at one time
  20. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    where you bought ur ingredients? buy it during the shop or supermarket having discounts sales so that can save more
  21. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    some said that homemade cookies are cheaper so many ppl choose to bake at home, but i think maybe depends on the type of cookies you wan to do
  22. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    how many kg of cornflakes you use? in market they sell around rm 15 for a round container, but i feel like its quite small container
  23. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    need to spend few hours there and not much cookies you can make, just buy it from market can save lots of time and also money
  24. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    quite tiring but i enjoy the time spend with my family while baking. i bought some cookies too as gift when visit others house
  25. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    like the cornflakes is quite fast, simple steps only. if you make it with family it will be very fast. last time i uses just around two hours to make one big tupperware of the honey cornflakes
  26. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    now the ingredients for baking are quite expensive, make some for family is ok but if make in large amount will be very costly
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