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  2. hi everyone... I have a 15 years old daughter who is having trouble learning. She also does not like to communicate with other and not be able to control herself when she is angry.I send her to school, but I needsomeone to accompany her after school too. So, I need someone can provide tutor, assist & monitoring during mealtimes or her daily routine activities. If you have any contacts who qualified my requirement as intended, Please, do share with me. I really need your help..
  3. I have a autistic kid

    I would suggest TT to look for caretakers from Caregiverasia to look after your kid and not just anyhow seek out for caretakers outside without any valid qualifications in the respective field, if anything happens afterwards it could be bad for your child and just gonna make things more difficult to handle.
  4. I have a autistic kid

    Yeah I also agree with this statement. Their price is definitely affordable and not expensive as what some people might claimed to be since it is a private organisation. Their schedule is very flexible depending on your needs and the payment would be charged accordingly without any additional agent fees being imposed.
  5. I have a autistic kid

    Well the organisation had already been established for quite some time in Singapore but only just recently that they had expanded their market to Malaysia and also Taiwan, so no surprise that not much people knew about it but as the time goes, I'm sure more people would be exposed to the good services that they provide.
  6. I have a autistic kid

    Caregiverasia provides different sort of services ranging from taking care of little kids to the senior citizens, and also taking care of those who are recovering from their accident's injuries or sickness. You can post the service that you wanted at their website and they would filter out suitable caretakers for you to choose from, along with their qualifications and previous experiences in the related field.
  7. I have a autistic kid

    Yes as parents you would definitely struggle with looking after them especially at a young age where they would not want to talk with anyone and just play with their own things. That's why we should seek the aid from other people who knew how to care after them as not to hinder their growth when growing up into teenagers.
  8. I have a autistic kid

    Hmm I just wonder why we had not heard about this website before even though their service quality is so good? Is it because their organisation is still quite new so not much people knew about it previously?
  9. I have a autistic kid

    Yeah they need some time to get used to it especially when nearing strangers they might feel uncomfortable and would prefer to be at the side of their parents, need someone who is specialized dealing with autistic kidto open up their heart to them.
  10. I have a autistic kid

    Taking care of an autistic kid is not an easy task to be done, you need to accept the fact that he or she is different from the other children of the same age and take a different approach in looking after them, suggest you to look into Caregiverasia for experienced caretakers in this field.
  11. I have a autistic kid

    Hi all.. i just wanna share about my experienced using the service by caregiverAsia. My sister was sick and asked me to taking care her baby for awhile. unfortunately, i have no time yet no experience at all in handling baby. And my officemate suggested to me to hire an experienced person from caregiverAsia. So far, i really satisfied with the service. The price also affordable
  12. I have a autistic kid

    so at caregiverAsia also has other services ya? how to choose and clarify the person that we will pick her/his services?
  13. I have a autistic kid

    oh really. i think u shud find anexperienced therapist that can manage passive autistic child. Usually they can attract the child to start communicate to others. I think u can search at internet.
  14. I have a autistic kid

    oh i see.. u are rite. not all the autistic child can attend to speech therapy easily. Some of them will act more aggressive during the therapy.
  15. I have a autistic kid

    I guess its time to look into this website seriously. We might need it in the future.
  16. I have a autistic kid

    The service is also top notch. Plus they're doing a promotion until end of this month where you get free one hour for every 5 hours. So any one of you guys looking for caregivers can try look on their website :
  17. I have a autistic kid

    They are well trained people. In fact, you can have your son andthe caregiver a meet up session before deciding. Works for my family the last time we need an extra hand.
  18. I have a autistic kid

    That is why i'mlooking for an experienced nurse who cantreatment autistic child. I believe caregiverasia have the person that i want.
  19. I have a autistic kid

    This site look legit. I hope they do provides people that specialist in handling special child. But the way i look at it they really do have so many services.
  20. I have a autistic kid

    Its really hard for them to accept people that they dont know in their life. However if that person know how to handle autistic child then they might cope easily with them.
  21. I have a autistic kid

    this is one hella helpful information. ive checked caregiverasia before. really helpful and can be trusted. never really use their service before but i heard the caregivers are really capable of doing their task.
  22. I have a autistic kid

    Yeap. Autistic child are very sensitive with environments. If they dont like it its hard to make them cope with it.. If it possible try to do any therapy at home where they feel comfortable.
  23. I have a autistic kid

    From my experience, the ones that came for my nephew was very understanding towards autistic kids. She knows how to grab the child's attention.
  24. I have a autistic kid

    Have you tried this service? I'm just worried the childwont get along with the caregiver
  25. I have a autistic kid

    When my sister was in labour, we hired a caregiver around 4 hours to take care of her first child. He's an autistic child. I'd say it was a good experience. We book them earlier, told our story and they are able to cater to our needs
  26. I have a autistic kid

    I think the best feature of this website is that you can actually see who the caregiver is along with their personal/educational bg. That way, you can easily trust the service that they offer. 2nd best feature is that the rate is perhour and you can do everything online
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