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  2. Smelly paint smell

    As I know, CUCKOO is more well-known for kitchen appliances such as rice cooker, multi-cooker, steam pressure cookerand so on. The quality and feature of those kitchen appliances arequite good. Maybe they're lacking experience in manufacturingpurifier, causing theynot perform well in providing service.
  3. Smelly paint smell

    Yes, COWAY product is really good compared to other brands. You can get the purifier at COWAY store.
  4. Smelly paint smell

    You should install COWAY purifier. Their staffs are very punctual and will be on time for service the purifier every two months. You not need to call them for service at all.
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  6. Smelly paint smell

    lol they are cheating to customers,how can they promise to ppl if cannot do it?Luckily I x buy this brand...
  7. Smelly paint smell

    I used their water purifier before my dad buy their product, they promise will service the filter every 4 mths but after that, they never come to our house the filter become dirty and we cannot tahan so my dad called them come if not, I think they'll totally forget the promise already!
  8. Smelly paint smell

    i thought korea things must be high quality mahh hahaha,but how bad of their product & service?
  9. Smelly paint smell

    From Korea, so what? Honestly, I used their thing before But I'm so disappointed w/ their product quality and service! And their products also quite expensive, not worth to buy
  10. Smelly paint smell

    huhhhh?why?Cuckoo also from Korea right?why u said this is the worst product?
  11. Smelly paint smell

    panasonic,sharp,sincero,cuckoo... but pls dont use cuckoo it's the worst air purifier among these brands
  12. Smelly paint smell

    Which brand are you recommend except coway?Because I want to do comparison before buy the air purifier.
  13. Smelly paint smell

    yes, go and buy a air purifier, if ur house got pet also can use to clean their fur
  14. Smelly paint smell

    Wow! This air purifier looks good! Where can I buy this air purifier?
  15. Smelly paint smell

    Their staffs also provide good after sales after service. They come my house to service the air purifier every 2 months.
  16. Smelly paint smell

    My home also install COWAY air purifier too. This air purifier is doing a good job in cleaning air. It can trap and clean pollen, mold, dust, dust mites, pet dander, and tobacco smoke in the air.
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  18. Smelly paint smell

    Are u wanna to buy a air purifier? I recommend u to buy COWAY air purifier because it features with power air control with three types of multi-circulations. It can help to purify bad odor and ultra fine dusts.
  19. Smelly paint smell

    Ya agree. Air nowadays is very polluted as it may consist of dust mites, pollen and bacteria. By having a air purifier, you can keep you and your loved ones safe from haze, bacteria and viruses.
  20. Smelly paint smell

    Well the main reason is because the place im living at is very dusty as everyday there will be quite a lots of lorries passing through the main road near to my house, so you can imagine with all the sands around the air is very polluted to breathin.
  21. Smelly paint smell

    Any particular reasons for you to get an air purifier? Because at least among my friends I dont think I had heard anyone who had one in their house, if aircond then almost everyone have one lah...
  22. Smelly paint smell

    Yes I did opened all the doors and windows while painting to let the smell out, but duno why ah the smell just wont gone completely. Quite a nuisance for me as I really cant bear the smell especially when im eating urgh.
  23. Smelly paint smell

    Erm since you said that it is a new house right so maybe you should had just get it painted before you guys moved in, then you dont have to be bothered with the smell of the paint. Personally I dont really care about the smell, maybe because I had an air purifier installed in my house
  24. Smelly paint smell

    Hmm Im not so sure about it tho, there shouldn't be any problem with the paint as I also used it before to paint my whole house from ground to first floor, did you open all your doors and windows while you were painting?
  25. Smelly paint smell

    The common paint that most of the people nowadays are using, the one that starts with N. Yeah I also thought that the smell will be gone after awhile but who knows its already the third day since then but still...
  26. Smelly paint smell

    Lol what kind of paint are you using? Usually this kind of things only gonna stay around for like a few hours then after that should be no problem already.
  27. Smelly paint smell

    Recently me and my wife just moved into our new house and we decided to paint our house with the colours that we like, which was a huge mistake on our part as we had not anticipated that the smell of the paint would be so strong. It just feel so hard to breath in the house and not sure how long we need to wait for the smell to spread away.
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