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  2. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Wooahh..I thought carousell for selling items and stuff only?
  3. Upcoming Birthday Party

    @happybunny, can i know how did u manage to get people do deco event through carousell? Cause i never knew people put up their ads services there.
  4. Upcoming Birthday Party

    There wouldnt be a problem if just looking for items but i’m also looking for people to help me with the deco. hurmmm
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  6. Upcoming Birthday Party

  7. Upcoming Birthday Party

    have u try others online website? I never heard about carousell at all.. haha
  8. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Just claim compensation from the seller maaa..
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  10. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Maybe she is purchase in large quantity of product, some supplier are not care on it. So, some product may cause collapsed during shipping.
  11. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Oh ya, my friend have purchase at certain price and get a further discount on postage.
  12. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Besides, some product is good and free postage.
  13. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Actually this situation is not what supplier false maybe your friend order a wrong things or miscommunication??
  14. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Ya is good to you but i have heard my friend some supplier from Carousell doesn't provide any quality services.
  15. Beauty Product Victim

    maybe you have small numbers of friends/followers on your social media. It could be the reason that no one response on your posting.
  16. Upcoming Birthday Party

    This is my first time on planning and executes an event. I’m not sure how much budget for the event but if possible not more than rm500.
  17. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Last week i just had birthday party at my place. I did all the decorations by myself and bought the items from carousell. All deco items were preloved items and the best part is i got ultraman theme for the birthday party which is my son’s favourite. heee
  18. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Oh i see. Sorry!Have you look thru any online website?
  19. Upcoming Birthday Party

    I still in confinement. That's why I want to hire someone for this party.
  20. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Just deco by your own la
  21. Upcoming Birthday Party

    I had come across and known few peoples doing service on party stuff. May i know how much u allocate on your budget?
  22. Upcoming Birthday Party

    When is ur birthday party? And where are u planning to do the party?
  23. Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone who provide rental services for birthday party stuff. I want rent a range of classy props for the dessert table setting including cake stands and three-tier stands. Plus the person in charge that can decorate the hall too. Where can I get the contact?
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  25. Beauty Product Victim

    Hi mommies.. Actually its my fault. As like any woman out there, i easily get caught by all those promotion from watson. So i just buy any skincare which is on sales and have lower price, one of it is Hado Labo UV sunscreen. Unfortunately its not suitable for my skin and i just used it once only. So i’m planning to sell it back with 50% lower price. Then i posted it on my social media but i get no feedback.
  26. hi everyone... I have a 15 years old daughter who is having trouble learning. She also does not like to communicate with other and not be able to control herself when she is angry.I send her to school, but I needsomeone to accompany her after school too. So, I need someone can provide tutor, assist & monitoring during mealtimes or her daily routine activities. If you have any contacts who qualified my requirement as intended, Please, do share with me. I really need your help..
  27. I have a autistic kid

    I would suggest TT to look for caretakers from Caregiverasia to look after your kid and not just anyhow seek out for caretakers outside without any valid qualifications in the respective field, if anything happens afterwards it could be bad for your child and just gonna make things more difficult to handle.
  28. I have a autistic kid

    Yeah I also agree with this statement. Their price is definitely affordable and not expensive as what some people might claimed to be since it is a private organisation. Their schedule is very flexible depending on your needs and the payment would be charged accordingly without any additional agent fees being imposed.
  29. I have a autistic kid

    Well the organisation had already been established for quite some time in Singapore but only just recently that they had expanded their market to Malaysia and also Taiwan, so no surprise that not much people knew about it but as the time goes, I'm sure more people would be exposed to the good services that they provide.
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