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  2. Invention for parents

    Okay okay, if like that then Im gonna start using it immediately, since it is so convenient to use, just need to link my existing Mesra card to the app and activate it to enjoy all the benefits directly.
  3. Invention for parents

    Dont worry it would be safe, if not then impossible it is approved to be used hahaha. If you are still worry then be sure to follow the safety guidelines in the app itself.
  4. Invention for parents

    Yeah, being able to pay while within your car is a huge plus, especially when we keep on hearing crimes that happened at petrol stations targeting lone females.... definitely gonna recommend it to all my family members and friends.
  5. Invention for parents

    Hmm, just wonder is it really safe to use it at petrol stations? Because as I am aware smartphones aren't allowed at petrol stations tho...
  6. Invention for parents

    Hmm I think this is a very good point for me to try out this app, especially when before chinese new year the queue at petrol station are super long, everyone waiting to pump full their petrol to go back to their home town.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Invention for parents

    Can use when it peak time so we can cut the que and no need to wait for a long line
  9. Invention for parents

    Also we can get cashback too from the app. Actually all ewallet give you cashback, just it not the same how much you will get.
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  11. Invention for parents

    its safer to use online apps nowadays than to bring all your money altogether. plus this app can help a lot of people from a long queue
  12. Invention for parents

    i use this app as well and it helps me a lot and save me time to go to the counter
  13. Invention for parents

    i use debit before thisand luckily now has ewallet because i always cashless
  14. Invention for parents

    same here. who else has time to withdraw money
  15. Invention for parents

    i use this app and i would say it is so convenient
  16. Invention for parents

    yep, now i can just go online to pay. no need to withdraw my money or else i'll spend them all hahah
  17. Invention for parents

    this is so true, plus if u always bring baby with you, it takes a lot of time to withdraw money. thank god everything going online. and you already used the setel apps?
  18. Invention for parents

    mummies out there need ewallet app because they have no time to withdrawal
  19. Invention for parents

    use app setel at petrol station because it so good and safe
  20. Invention for parents

    i always cahsless because i am too lazy to go to atm so i use ewallet
  21. Invention for parents

    easy to access and nothing difficult
  22. Invention for parents

    i use this even i dont have baby. it is safe that you dont have to walk to the counter just stick near your car
  23. Invention for parents

    that's true, and the guidelines is pretty easy too for a newbie
  24. Invention for parents

    We also can use ewallet to pay at any merchant related so no need to worry if forgot to bring cash on hand. Just need tap with our phone and it easy
  25. Invention for parents

    Really convenient for Mom that bring their baby alone to petrol, no need to leave baby inside the car alone.
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  27. Invention for parents

    I just knew this one Petronas online apps, we can just unlock pump from our car and not bother about leaving our baby in car or bring them together. plus it's safe
  28. Invention for parents

    Hi guys, lets share what useful inventions for parents.
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