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  2. The difference between father and mother

    My friend said that she is a bawang mother oso lol
  3. What is your favourite pasar malam food?

    Seems like bawang is a hot topic now. TM also usedonion as a themefor their video also haha
  4. Haha.True also. Seems like this video ~~
  5. What is your favourite pasar malam food?

    I also like laksa! Fresh onion is very important in laksa haha
  6. How do you know the old people care about you? When they keepasking you a lot of questions. LOL
  7. What is your favourite pasar malam food?

    Laksa!! I like the laksa at Setia Alam. The onion and laksa leaves are so fresh!
  8. I stay with my mother in law. She loves me so much…but sometime I can't tahan she keep asking me-when are you having kids lol
  9. Agree. Distance is good in a relationship.
  10. Crispy Onion Rings Recipe

    Onion is the best! U see TM also use bawang for their advertisement video haha
  11. Crispy Onion Rings Recipe

    Onion are versatile and can be baked, boiled, grilled, fried, roasted, braised or eaten raw in salad. Now I need many onion to cook rendang for Hari Raya
  12. What is your favourite pasar malam food?

    Satay. Definitely.
  13. Privacy. Privacy. Privacy is very important for me. I think all couples should be allowed to have their private time together. But if I stay with the in-laws, I may no longer be able to spend quality time with my spouse. What do you think about this? Let's we have some discussion
  14. Crispy Onion Rings Recipe

    I alwaysfried theegg together with onion for my children. It is fast, easy and delicious!
  15. Crispy Onion Rings Recipe

    Yummy! I like all the onion rings in the world, but I'm lazy to do it for myself haha
  16. Crispy Onion Rings Recipe Ingredient: Onion big size- 2 All purpose flour - 1 small cup Corn flour- 3 to 4 tbsp Cooking soda - a pinch Bread crumbs- 1 cup Salt Oil Steps: 1. Chop the onions up into rings and push out all the rings in a plate. 2. In a bowl, mix all purpose flour, corn flour, salt, cooking soda and 2 to 3 tsp of bread crumbs together. 3. Add little water and make it to thick batter. 4. Coat the onion rings with all purpose flour. 5. Dip it in the thick batter and then coat it with bread crumps. 6. Heat oil in a fry pan. 7. Drop the coated onion slices gently in hot oil. 8. Keep the flame in low medium and fry them to golden. 9. Once they are crispy and done, drain in kitchen tissue. Crispy onion rings are done! Any other delicious onion recipe? Share and discuss here haha
  17. I like Apam Balik the most. There are two version of apam balik-- thin and thick, I prefer the thin one haha. Crispy is the best!
  18. Are you a caring or noisy parent?

    Wow, a nice video. I love the message.
  19. Hating my sensitivity

    Sometimes the people don’t know they are hurting you. They care about you by using the wrong method.
  20. Hating my sensitivity

    Maybe you're hyper-sensitive, and it cause you hurt. Try to read some novel and watch some movies, you will know the humanity better.:)
  21. Hating my sensitivity

    Because words have meaning and you have feeling. Words can break people easily, and it always happened.
  22. The difference between father and mother

    Hahahahaa, absolutely. I am that kind of mother.
  23. Are you a caring or noisy parent?

    My daughter always complainme I am noisy mum too, but i don't care at allhaha This is the way that I love herand I know sometimes she enjoy my noise too
  24. Are you a caring or noisy parent?

    Same problem here! Sometimes I just want to know their life and feelings....sharing is caring right? but for our children now, sharing =too muchnoisy ...
  25. Hating my sensitivity

    Why am I so sensitive towards words? I wish I was normal but I always getting hurt because of many small things... And sometimes these feeling make me angry at myself. Why I can't less sensitive like other person?
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