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  3. Where to eat?

    Hahahaha.. Not everybody suitable to eat vietnamese dishes la. But somehow i think some are altered to catered our people taste.
  4. Where to eat?

    Yeah. Basically just simple math. The main concern here is pork based food right? So it is confirmed its pork-free so it safe to say everybody can eat right.. Except for vegan la but they also serve vegetarian food there like vietnamese rice pepper salad
  5. Where to eat?

    This.. Phostreet got many good food. The price also reasonable. I usually got mytown cheras mall. Not mistaken at ioi putrajaya also got one branch.
  6. Where to eat?

    Really ma? Hahahaha... Maybe not always la. You just very badluck one lor.
  7. Where to eat?

    Xin Chao last time i eat kena food poisoning lor. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!
  8. Where to eat?

    Royale Vietnam! Hahaha. But quiet expensive lor.
  9. Where to eat?

    just checked it says that phostreet really pork-free and their suppliers are certified halal. so.... simple math there.
  10. Where to eat?

    Btw ts here some more recommendation by my friends: 5) Xin Chao Vietnam (Sentul) 6) An Viet (The Garden)
  11. Where to eat?

    Really ma? Well it safe to say that its multicultured friendly restaurant then. If not halal then for what do ramadhan promotion.. =_=
  12. Where to eat?

    Yeap. LOL.. If not mistaken ive check their facebook they even had promotion for ramadhan season last time.
  13. Where to eat?

    Haha.. Then should be la. If not skeptical just eat la right?
  14. Where to eat?

    Dont really sure. But what i know is they already cleaned all the branches and served no pork.. Its safe for malay to eat there i think. I saw couple of muslim eat there before also.
  15. Where to eat?

    Does pork free means it is halal then?
  16. Where to eat?

    Yaya.. I forgot the actual name of the sandwich LOL. No problem.. And maybe after you try at PhoStreet then you can review abit and post in this thread. Yeap.. It is pork-free restaurant as stated by the waiter and got sign says it pork-free. So must be no pork served even in the menu got no pork based food. I think you can just bring your friend try there.
  17. Where to eat?

    I think you meant 'bahn mi'. It kind of vietnames style sandwich. Maybe i will ordered some of that if i got phostreet. Thank for recommendation.
  18. Where to eat?

    I ordered the vietnamese sandwich. Forget the name already. Banmi something like that. Had a taste of my friend vietnamese beef noodle. That one so good.
  19. Where to eat?

    hey its very a long time i havent eat at phostreet. now you mentioned it got me sudden craving lol.. wanna to visit but lately i think got saw somewhere it says no pork. means food there clean right? wanna bring some muslim friend go try.
  20. Where to eat?

    Fair enough. Maybe i will someday. What you ordered that day which very tasteful??
  21. Where to eat?

    I highly recommend you to try PhoStreet. All i can say the food quite tasteful but then again im not really familiar with vietnamese dishes. Maybe you can review it LOL.
  22. Where to eat?

    So-so la. These only few restaurant that i know served vietnamese dishes.
  23. Where to eat?

    These restaurant good ma? I seldom go eat vietnamese restaurant but lately went to PhoStreet at EkoCheras Mall with friend. Not bad la the food.
  24. Where to eat?

    Some that i would recommend: 1) Pho Vietz (Bukit Bintang) 2) Super Saigon (Ampang) 3) Quan An (Pudu) 4) Lalot (Bukit Bintang)
  25. Where to eat?

    u go google searchvietnamese restaurant in KL then a lot of list will come out, so many option u can choose for
  26. Where to eat?

    Can someone highlight where i can go to vietnamese restaurant in KL?
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