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  2. Can you get her to contact me? Michelle- 012 2330093, Due date 18 Sept, KL. What is her name?
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  4. Hi all, I have just gotten my positive on Clear Blue after I missed my period for two days. I tested on the third day (today) with other cheap brand of test kit and only gotten a super faint line which is really difficult to see. I also had like slight brown discharged and very mild cramping which doesn't really bother me physically but mentally I'm stressed out thinking what is wrong and is the baby is inside me? I'm very worried. I hope the baby is alright. I made an appointment yesterday with gynae that will be the next two weeks cos I thought it is by 6th week they'll be able to detect the heartbeat. But the spotting came today so what should I do? Should I wait it out? Or should I go to the doctor immediately?
  5. Egg Donation Programme

    Dear All, We are Fertility Agency , Hope ART Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur. Currently looking for Surrogate Mothers. Remuneration is RM 60K in minimum. Hostels provided , Transportation and meals are provided as well. There will be nurse and home assistant to take care of you. Please contact me if you are available to provide such kind help. Thanks. AMBER.
  6. Anyone doing IVF?

    Dear All, We are Fertility Agency , Hope ART Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur. Currently looking for Surrogate Mothers. Remuneration is RM 60K in minimum. Hostels provided , Transportation and meals are provided as well. There will be nurse and home assistant to take care of you. Please contact me if you are available to provide such kind help. Thanks. AMBER.
  7. Egg Donation Programme

    Hi Audreywong89, sorry for the late reply, I thought this thread is dead so I don’t come here to visit and suddenly my hubby told me, someone is replying my message. anyway, we tried mini IVF, because I was so stubborn, and still want to tried and was afraid to regret if I haven’t try with all my might. 1stdone in May 2017, Doc collected2 eggs but only 1 successfully become embryo with grade Average. The 2nd cycle was done on September 2017, got 1 egg but it was discarted. So really really we give up on using my egg at this point. Oh.. I also take DHEA 75mg for 3 months on our 2nd cycle. Turn out DHEA make my egg worst. On our 1st visit to Sunfert, we had choose 5 candidate donors, but because we waste so many time. Those donor became unavailable. Also, donor can only donate eggs for 6 times, max. So my first choice at that time already doing her 4th times, and her eggs quality were so good that a couple get twin. And pregnancy success rate from her eggs were high. But then, we missed our chance. The other donor that we choose, euther change their minds or become unavailable for other reasons. So while in Jakarta, I arranged skype with Sunfert team, and choose another donors thru that meeting. So, here I am now in a coffee shop at KL, writing this. today is our donor OPU, she gave us 16 eggs. We will do PGS for 5 eggs, and I also did scan this morning, take home some medicinesto prepare my body for the FET. We will do the FET on 23 February, right after Chinese New Year. if you have any questions, feel free to email me from here I will give you my whatsapp number.
  8. Corion Fertility Clinic - IVF Specialist in Mumbai

    Now a day’s IVF or in vitro fertilization is the most popular answer to the issues like infertility, miscarriage and conceiving problem. Therefore IVF clinics are growing worldwide and India is also in the top list of surrogacy centers. India has a vast resource team of highly trained professionals, who offer best infertility services. Corion Fertility Clinic is one of the leading surrogacy clinics in Mumbai, helps to those couples who are suffering from Infertility. Corion offer world-class solution in IVF treatment with advanced technology and fertility experts’ team that achieve high success rates. The clinic aim is to bring Joy to all those infertile couples. Talk to our IVF specialist for best solution on your fertility problems. Drop us a mail or give us a call or visit our official website for further details. Contact Details, Email – Phone – + 91 22 26395588 / 5599 Website –
  9. itchy and rashes

    Thanks for sharing this helpful information with us but I wantto ask you that are there any side effects ofCanesten???
  10. Hi, I've always wanted blue or maybe purple hair. But damaging my hair has always been a quiet fear of mine. Chalk sounds like a good alternative to bleach. (although, it's more temporary.) So what happens if you chalk without the heat? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Online B2B Marketing Examples
  11. Hi, i have the pressure to talk but I cant speak out to the people around me(one of them is my sibling),we were doing our job and then I suddenly felt the urge to speak because my father talk to my brother a lot and he walked out and I don't have the chance to talk,i was very awkard at that moment. I am taking psychiatric med atm,i have been the sad/weak kid since young? Any suggestion? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Online Promotional Advertising
  12. Hi, I have a 5 month old baby girl that has bedtime anywhere between 7 and 8 pm. We prep her by giving her warm baths, dimming the lights, massaging her little body with night time lotion and turning on her mobile. After she is ready, i rock her a bit in her room while feeding her a bottle. Once i see that she is dozing off, after about 5 minutes or so, i put her in her crib and she stays there. Here comes the issue we are facing...She will stay asleep till somewhere around 12 (almost always, right on the dot) and she wakes up. So i go in her room and put her pacifier in, that calms her down and she goes back to sleep. Lately though, she has been waking up EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF THE NIGHT. I have kept track of this for the past week, she gets up at 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6 and by 7 (on the weekends) she doesnt want to go back to bed. Ive tried different things such as feeding her a little bit more to keep her full during the night, extending her bedtime from 8-9, playing with her more to get her tired, going for walks around the neighborhood, and so on. NOTHING WORKS. We have even put her back in her swaddle blanket so that she doesnt roll over? Any idea? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Web Explainer Video
  13. Hi, I have slowly been weaning my toddler (who will be two in July), one nursing session at a time. I'm a little nervous about eliminating her nurse to sleep session because I'm not sure what to do instead. Anyone make this transition with success? Any ideas or suggestions? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: 3d medical animation
  14. Hi Yu Su, Can you kindly email the CL’s detail to me? I am desperately looking for one. My email add is My name is Dessy EDD: June 2018 Thank you
  15. Dear all, Any reviews or feedbackfor JSH.Appreciate in advance as there seems to be little feedbacks for JSH, while there are many recommendations for Dr Tan from IVFBridge and Dr Fabian from TMC. I've low AMH levels and would like to explore which clinic/doctor may be more suitable for me. Thanks again!
  16. Dear all, Appreciate your sharing on the 3 clinics and doctors in JB: TMC Fertility - Dr Fabian James IVF Bridge - Dr Tan Jui Seng JSH - Dr. Mohanraj Krishnasamy It seems that both Dr Fabian (from TMC) and Dr Tan (from IVF) are very popular. Would you mind sharing the success rates, based on your own or relatives and friends? Especially for frozen and not fresh? My blood test shows I have low AMH levels, most appreciate if you can share which doctor you've approached and achieved success! Many thanks in advance and abundance of baby dust to all!
  17. Hi..can u share the CL info to i am currently looking for one. Thank you.
  18. Experience Confinement Lady base in KL

    Hi! Yu Su, Can you please e-mail me the confinement lady phone number. My e-mail address is shirleynmk@gmail. com. Thanks.
  19. Experience Confinement Lady base in KL

    Hi Yu Su Could you please send the CL's contact? My email address is My details are : EDD :July 2018 Location : Petaling Jaya Thanks, Rebecca
  20. Hi Yu Su, my EDD is in Aug 2018, please email the CL contact number to me. Email :
  21. Experience Confinement Lady base in KL

    Hi Yu Su, I am looking for a good confinement lady urgently, can I have your confinement lady's contact please... my email address is : Thanks. Christy
  22. How Do Threading Eyebrows

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  23. Hello, This years marks my wifes 40th birthday so i'm looking to plan a surprise fun bucket listy type trip for her. As we'll be travelling with two young children (3 and 5) i'm trying to find that right balance of interesting and cultural while not being so ambitious it leads to burnout. Our kids are relatively travel savvy having gone with us to Europe, South-East Asia, Japan, China, and Australia. The planned trip is for approx three weeks in March and would like to our bouncing around to maybe max three times. Our last trip was to Bali/Indonesia where the kids got plenty of time at beaches and pools while we still got to visit temples and experience a new culture. Was the right blend, hoping to find something new and different with that same balance. Ideally with good weather in March although could reschedule to summer if the right place would require it. Anybody have any suggestions of places they've been with young kids and particularly loved? I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. -References - -explainer video
  24. moldy makeup brushes?

    Hello, My white brushes have black little dots over them and ive tried washing them but it doesn't help. I ask my friend and she said they were moldy.... but as I search the web I can't find anything about mold on makeup brushes. I have rarely used them but maybe its because I keep them in a closed tiny makeup bag? I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. -References - -whiteboard animation
  25. beauty care/ plastic surgery

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  26. Buy Baby Products Online

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  27. How to keep a fitness journal

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