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  2. Hair fall after labour

    on top of this, do u all have any suggestions of good product for bad hair? i need help
  3. Hair fall after labour

    that's true and she had to take pills to help from the extreme hair falls. but now it's back to normal
  4. Hair fall after labour

    yes most probably, my sister in law also like this, before giving birth, everything is ok, but after deliver baby, hair started to fall with no specific reason
  5. Hair fall after labour

    yeap there is many ways of it. you need to try and test which one suit you the best, because everyone is not the same
  6. Hair fall after labour

    i tried appliances with double mineral which can help to smoothen the hair and i find it also can reduce hair fall
  7. Last week
  8. Hair fall after labour

    oh really?? was it that bad and how did u control it?
  9. Hair fall after labour

    i used to take care of my sister and yes she have the same problems. it was probably because of the hormones after birth
  10. Hair fall after labour

    Looks like you have many experiences already, can share? Which one you find most effective to be applied?
  11. Hair fall after labour

    I have tried many ways and many so called traditional method, from the products used to the appliances used. Anything that can try, i try
  12. Hair fall after labour

    I also having similar issue before at my first pregnancy, make me so shock at the time and feel afraid, Always think of the solution
  13. Hair fall after labour

    Im having serious hair fall problem after child birth 2 months ago. Was having the problem while i was carrying my baby. Any other mothers have this issue? How u cope with them?
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  15. A house of my own

    Civil servants and selected Statutory Bodies also can.It is for malay coz they this loan based on Shariah compliant. So all the confirmation process through akad.What i know all conversations during akad are recorded. so safe for both side.
  16. A house of my own

    document quite similar jerr. but the requirement is not as high as a bank. minimum salary 1500 d eligible to apply. if the bank, our salary, monthly commitment, financial record all have to be clean,then have chances to apply.
  17. A house of my own

    so it's only for govt employees?
  18. A house of my own

    this is my first time heard of this company's name. I'm a government employee too but even i don't have any idea regarding this.same procedure like bank?
  19. A house of my own

    I'm already thinking of taking a house loan but still in the middle of discussion with my husband as we need to think of the interest rate charged by the bank. Different bank diff charged.
  20. A house of my own

    YIR stands for Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat. They provide loan for government employees..heard from my brother in law's experience the approval process quite fast compared to other company. But have good credit score higher chances to get laa.
  21. A house of my own

    yir stand for?
  22. A house of my own

    Those buy house this year have opportunity to secure a home loan at a lower interest rate bcause BNM reduced OPR.
  23. A house of my own

    yes, that's why u need loan that can provide better rate like this one company i think it's yir. the profit rate is quite low compared to bank. so it's much affordable for u.
  24. A house of my own

    Its okay lohh...don't worry that area is very ideal to build family there hahha...village area is much better than the city. am i right? its good 4 ur kids too one day. let them learn more about nature.
  25. A house of my own

    If it isyour hometown, so r u planning to build your own house there? Bcoz there's a bunch of people nowadays that build their own house in rural areas as they have their own land. u know family's heritage one. rather than selling it to stranger better u build it for u. do u have any kind of specific budget to do that? It cost a lot u know. do u taking any loan from bank?
  26. A house of my own

    u need to save money also. if u buy your own house u need a very high commitment to pay the loan. house loan is so high.
  27. A house of my own

    Durian tunggal Melaka,yess it is more like kampung and low cost of living. maybe I will go there first and followed by my husband. he has already applied to be transferred and is waiting to be transferred there.
  28. A house of my own

    I am planning to move to my hometown in Melaka. Durian Tunggal area.
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